Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All about the Immortyl Revolution Series

Greetings, I'd like to share a little about my series. Book One is entitled, Cara Mia, Book One of the Immortyl Revolution. It follows the heroine, Mia Disantini from her mortal beginnings as a New York actress in the nineteen fifties, to her transformation into an Immortyl by her master Ethan Sinclair and her present-day rebellion against the vampire hierarchy.

I drew a lot on my theatrical background, as well as my love of mythology and science in writing this book. My vampires are biological beings, with very human foibles, but they aren't your teenaged daughter's crush. They are sexy, but often dangerous.

I've created a world based on ancient cultures, with its beginnings in India and the Immortyl cult of the goddess Kali. The book also has a strong sci fi element, in which vampires are biological super beings with an addiction to human blood and a fatal allergy to sunlight.

Fiercely independent Mia's mate is a tough little Immortyl guy named Kurt Eisen. He may look like a golden-haired angel, but he's no pushover. Kurt has gravitas and mucho cajones. Book Two, Twilight of the Gods, chronicles Kurt's rise to power as the revolutionary leader known by his sewer rat followers as Loki and Mia's struggle for respect as his equal and second in command.

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