Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Interview with author, Myrna Caudill

Today I feature Myrna Caudill, who is on her Authors Supporting Authors Virtual Book Tour.  You can enter to win a copy of her book by leaving a comment for her.  The book winner will be chosen at the end of her tour and posted on the ASA site.  Winners will be contacted by e-mail.  

Welcome Myrna!  What age group is your work geared toward?

MC: Twenty and up. My book is for the general public. It is a light, sweet romance with a mystery. There is humor, action, and wisdom of age in the story.

Into which genre would you say your work falls and why?

MC The primary thrust of the story is romance. Love thwarted and then rescued. The mystery involves a serial killer which the main mail character must resolve.

Tell us a little about your book.

MC: A deputy sheriff troubled by a past incident finds himself unable to commit to the woman he loves.  After she surprises him with an unexpected son he makes the noble offer of marriage only to be refused. Gem, the woman he loves and the mother of his son is independent and wants all of him not just what he has left to offer.  Jake, the Deputy, struggles to bring to together and resolve the many, many issues in his life and claim his love and their child. Will Love Triumph? 

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

MC: I like all of them for different reasons. I Pop for his humor, I like Zena for her self confidence, I like Gem for her determination, but, I think I like Jake best. He is a strong, courageous and honorable man. Anyone’s hero.

What other writers would you say have influenced your work and why? What are some of your favorite books in the genre?

MC: I’ve always like the strong western type hero and the resolute females. The strength to continue and the resolve to overcome obstacles speaks to me.

What is your writing process like? Do you do a lot of background research? Do you plot every detail or do you prefer the characters to move the story in new directions, or a combination of both? Do you belong to a critique group and do you find this helpful?

MC: I do a research as I need information to complete my plots and make them as accurate as possible.  I prefer my characters, primarily, to move the story in interesting and new ways. Often, I will create a interval character and unexpected sub plot to involve the characters and bring about more tension. I have a reader who is a great help. She reads my drafts, makes suggestions and corrections. I find that very helpful. I do belong to a Writers Guild and find that helpful.

Do you have any advice for young or beginning writers?

MC: Since, I am new at the writing game I’m not sure what advice I could offer except what I have been offered.  The most important being – write, then write some more – then continue writing. Develop your writing muscle by exercising it.

Who is your publisher and where are your books available? Are there e-books and hard copies available?

MC: My publisher for “Love Triumphs!” is Xlibris and my books is available as an e-book and hard copy.
They may be purchased at www.xlibris.com/myrnarcaudill. As well as Amazon, com., banresandnobel,com,, booksamillion.com., and my website http://www.myrnarcaudill.com/.  I do have another book available. “Cold Case Fallout” is my first novel. It is available on Amazon and Barnes &Nobel, as well as my website www.myrnarcaudill.com

What is your website and/or blog where readers can learn more? Can they friend you on Facebook or other sites?

MC: My website is www.myrnarcaudill.com I am on facebook and twitter.

Are there any upcoming signings or appearances you'd like to mention?

MC: Not at this time. I have just completed a book signing at “Family Christian Book Store” in Mason , Ohio

Myrna, thanks for stopping by! 

Readers, please visit http://www.deniseverricowriter.webs.com/ to explore the world of Immortyl Revolution.

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