Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ren Garcia, Sci Fi Author, Feature and Giveaway

DV: I'd like to welcome Ren Garcia back to Immortyl Revolution.  He's going to tell us a little about his series, The League of Elder.  Ren has graciously offered to sponsor a drawing for his first book. 

RG: The original cover of The League of Elder was a bit of a bad idea on my part. The artist, bless her heart, did what I asked, however, what I asked for didn't properly convey the mood and general atmosphere of the story. "It's a pirate story, right?" people often asked.  Nope, not a pirate yarn. It's sci-fi/fantasy. It's a space opera. Yo-ho-ho.

So, I've a number of books printed in the original cover and I'd like to see them off, free to a good home, like a puppy at the shelter.

DV: Okay kiddos, this is what you must do to enter:  Leave a comment for Ren after this post saying who is your favorite sci fi character and he will choose winners at random.  Contest ends Tuesday 10/11/10 at 6PM EST. Also don't forget to check out my Twilight of the Gods launch drawing as well! Enter Denise's drawing

This is the edition featured in the drawing

About The League Of Elder Series

The League of Elder was created in 1994. I was freshly graduated from college with a degree in literature, floundering, still living with my college chums and reveling in the last few days of my childhood.

I created it not for myself, but for someone else, as a catharsis. I'd become obsessed with a character on television. Yes, obsessed is a good word. Nothing wrong with a little obsession I suppose, if properly confined and tempered. Obsession, when kept to one's self, can be a good thing.

I created the basic outline of the League of Elder for said TV character whom I was devoted to, and, hence, the original concept was merely a teleplay I banged out on an old 8088 PC using WordStar (you'll notice I've not mentioned the name of the character in question, and I shall not).

As I said, my childhood was ending, my roomies were heading their separate ways and life caught up with me quickly. Cut off from the parental tithe, I found myself in need of gasoline and other such trifles, and I spent the next thirteen years trying to get by, plying a trade as a telephone technician. The years went by and thinking technically became a bad habit-all the creative things stuck in my head got swamped out and lost, forever it seemed.

Flash forward in time. I—now married, with mortgage and with pet— was recently digging through my filing cabinet looking for tax documents, of all things. There, under all the filed stuff and out-sized legal documents, was a copy of the teleplay I wrote back in `94. I pulled it out, opened it, read it, and found myself remembering everything. The characters I'd created all bobbed to the surface and floated there, crying out for me to do something with them.

For some reason I couldn't forget these characters, they were always there, bubbling about in the rear of my skull. Finally, one day I found an old miniature golf score card in my coat pocket. It had been there for some time. I made to throw it away, but as I did so, I looked at the empty squares meant to fill in the shots for each hole.

I felt inspiration come on. I grabbed a pencil and wrote in the slots: SYGILLIS OF METATRON. 

And that was nearly a million words ago.

The League of Elder, stifled for all those years, came busting out of me, and there was no stopping it. It's a science fiction series, but an admittedly weird one. It contains, all at once, all of my fears, joys, sensibilities, taboos and fantasies. It is, at the same time, continental and demure, techno-punk and Blade-Runneresque. What you get in the League depends on the road you take-go one way, and you find yourself in a wooded villa right out of the 1700's populated by coat-tailed gentlemen and corseted ladies, go another and you might find yourself on a steamy street watching blood sports on 4-D vid screens and witnessing people getting robotic arms and legs installed right there on the sidewalk as ripcars fly overhead.

Ren, thanks for joining me today!

You can visit Ren at his website: http://theleagueofelder.com/hotoo.html
Friend him on Facebook: LOE on Facebook


Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Ellen Ripley from the movie "Aliens". She was the first kick-ass female to beat up on aliens that really got my attention.

*yadkny* said...

I'm ok with reading a science fiction series that might be a little weird:) I like reading books that are a little out there because their different and will most likely stand out in my mind when I think on it later. This one sounds like a good read!