Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review of Halloween Fantasies and House of Immortal Pleasures by Katie Salidas

Here are two stories by Katie Salidas that will put the spice in your Halloween cider. If you’re looking for a little something to get the blood pumping you’ll definitely want to check out this pair of saucy tales.

Katie’s new erotica release is called Halloween Fantasies. Roomates, Sasha and Angela, attend the Halloween Fantasy and Fetish Ball, looking to find some excitement. They get a little more than what they bargained for in vampire twin brothers, Dante and Trevor. The brothers also have night of mischief on their minds, and each sets out to captivate his chosen lady without the use of supernatural powers, just good old seduction and sex appeal. Sasha, who has always had a fantasy about making love with a vampire, is quite taken with tall, dark and sexy Dante. They go to her room and the sparks ignite into an erotic bonfire. However, Trevor and Angela don’t hit it off, and the other twin joins Sasha and Dante for a little trick or treat fun. This tale is sure to please anyone who enjoys things that go bump in the night.

Katie’s earlier erotica book is  House of Immortyl Pleasures. Daphne is just coming off of a bad relationship when her girlfriends kidnap her and treat her to a night at the House of Immortyl Pleasures, a vampire brothel outside of Vegas. There she encounters Conner, a vampire bad boy, who has been working off a ten year sentence for losing control and killing a mortal lover. It’s Conner’s final night of captivity, and he’s pleased to find lovely Daphne is his last client. He sets out to make it a memorable evening for both. His sensuality and skill win over the reticent Daphne, and he gives her not only a night she will never forget, but reaffirms her belief in her own powers of attraction. I enjoyed the sin city backdrop of this story, which takes the reader into a dark and exotic atmosphere. Conner’s edge made him more than just another hot guy to titillate the senses, but an interesting character driven by his personal demons. If you’re looking for a way to dial up the thermostat, you’ll want to check out this one.

Katie was my guest back in July and talked about self-publishing and forming her own publishing company.  Please follow the link to read what Katie had to say.  Read Katie's Guest Blog

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