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B. K. Walker talks about her new paranormal release, Immortyl Kisses.

Today, I welcome B. K. Walker to Immortyl Revolution.

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Thank you so much for having me today Denise. I'm so excited to be here and would love to offer 2 of your readers a chance to win Immortyl Kisses on Interactive CD. We're just coming off of a fantastic Facebook Release Party, and I'm still in the partying mood.

What age group is your work geared toward?

B. K.: 16+. It is categorized in the young adult group, but it's clean enough for 16.

Into which genre would you say your work falls and why?

B. K.: Mix together Vampires and Werewolves, add in a few Witches and Warlocks with a pinch of magic, and you got yourself a recipe for Paranormal Fantasy.

Tell us a little about your book.

B. K.: Raine is a somewhat normal teenager, going through a gothic stage but still attends school and hangs out with friends. Her life changes drastically after she meets vampire Tristan at a High School Halloween dance. She is so awe struck by his beauty and can't believe that he's taken an interest in her. As they're leaving the dance, Logan, a werewolf, comes into play and he too becomes smitten with Raine. What both boys don't know at that point is that a Rogue Vampire is hunting Raine to hurt Tristan and the Wolf Pack. He was created by a Warlock that was banned to a remote island and is seeking his revenge. As they continue to keep Raine from the Rogue, it becomes obvious that both boys harvest feelings towards her, thus opening a love triangle. As the story unfolds, so does Raine's destiny. She was born to win the upcoming war of Vampires vs Rogues, and as we watch her transform into the warrior she is, we also learn a lot about all of the characters.

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

B. K.: Logan. He is witty and usually has a lot of self control. Unable to say how he really feels so he doesn't come between his friend and the girl he loves, but at the same time having this self struggle inside of himself. He's an interesting character and one that turned out different than when I first started writing him.

What other writers would you say have influenced your work and why? What are some of your favorite books in the genre?

B. K.: I love Laurell K. Hamilton. The Anita Blake Series is awesome and my favorite book by her is The Killing Dance. I also like Stephenie Meyer and LJ Smith. My biggest influence though is Nora Roberts. I just love her writing style. LOL.  I sort of answered that question backwards.

What is your writing process like? Do you do a lot of background research? Do you plot every detail or do you prefer the characters to move the story in new directions, or a combination of both? Do you belong to a critique group and do you find this helpful?

B. K.: My writing process is erratic. I don't really plot every detail, but I do plot somewhat. I definitely let the characters move me. Especially in this title. It actually started out as a short story, but the characters had other plans lol. Sometimes if I lose direction, I have to use an outline. I just write whats in my head and create a timeline so to speak. Then I know where the story needs to go and the characters can get back on track. This happens when the characters are all talking at once and trying to get their story out at the same time. My brain goes on overload and then the story just won't flow. So the outline helps for that. I do research as the need arises, but a lot of the times I write what I already know. This one though I included a bit of history from the Jin Dynasty, so I had to research there a bit and added my own paranormal twist to it. I don't belong to a critique group, but will send my stories to friends and colleagues for their input.

Do you have any advice for young or beginning writers?

B. K.: Just write. Write for yourself and your characters, not for anyone else. When you write to please what you think readers want, the story just won't flow. If you write for you, it goes that much smoother. Read and read a lot. Once you see how others write, first person or third, you can see how the story should flow and it will give you a way to see it in your head.

Who is your publisher and where are your books available? Are there e-books and hard copies available?

B. K.: I self-publish through Lulu. All my books are available from there and are on Amazon in both Kindle format and paperback. Dares And Dreams was published through Publish America though is still available on Amazon. Of course they can be purchased at any of my websites.

What is your website and/or blog where readers can learn more? Can they friend you on Facebook or other sites?

B. K.: Gosh. Where do I start? Well first my author page is Facebook!/profile.php?id=1831525609 Immortyl Kisses site is and my book review website is My blog is I'm everywhere really. Just google BK Walker and you will find all my sites. Of course anyone can friend me or email me at I'm always available.

Are there any upcoming signings or appearances you'd like to mention?

B.K.: I don't have anything in the works right now, but maybe sometime in the near future. I tend to work up other people more than myself haha.

B. K Thanks for joining me today and good luck with your new release!  Please read on for an excerpt from Immortyl Kisses.

“What was that thing Logan?” Raine asked still crying.

“I’m not sure Raine.” Logan was watching the windows and the door, pacing back and forth making sure he couldn’t see any danger approaching, his ears attentive to any noise that didn’t belong.

The moon was full for Halloween, and this would be one Halloween that Raine may remember for the rest of her life. She sat down in the pew and cried some more. She was confused on what was going on. It all happened so fast. One minute she was standing there with Tristan, having fun trick or treating, the next minute she was in the top of a tree. In the tree top, she got glimpse of what grabbed her.

Pale skin with beady black eyes. Hair extremely short and the strength of The Incredible Hulk. It stared back at her as she took in its features. Once she realized it was watching her she struggled against it. “Let go!”

With one quick swoop, it sank its fangs into her neck. The pain was sharp and she could feel her energy being drained from her body. Then she heard Tristan and called out to him. She knew he would save her.

“Come here Raine. It’s going to be okay.” Logan pulled Raine into his arms. He smelled her blood and immediately started breathing out of his mouth. He didn’t want to eat her, but she smelled so good. “You’re bleeding.”

She reached to her neck, remembering the creature sucking her blood. She started crying harder. “What happened to me?”

Hugging her tighter, he couldn’t help but catch the scent of her. He

moved his head just enough so he could see the blood dripping from the wounds. If he could just have a small taste of her. That is all he wanted. To have a part of her with him always, a memory to savor. Just as he was about to lick her wound, she moved her head up. Instead of meeting her neck, he met her lips full on and she started kissing him. When he tried to pull away, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. All she knew was that she needed to feel him, to taste him. She deepened the kiss, and he finally gave in and kissed her back with more passion he’d allowed himself to feel in years, a guttural growl escaping from his chest. He wanted Raine, and had wanted her since he first laid eyes on her. There was nothing to stop him, and he took her for all it was worth.


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