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Guest Blog on Vampire Mythology by Bitten Twice

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Vampire Mythology
Bitten Twice

“I Want to Suck your Blood!”

Even that famous line holds some mystery. Often thought to be from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, that line was actually crafted by a comedian portraying Dracula.

Vampirism is not a modern concept. Centuries have unfolded with tales of demonic beings thriving on flesh and blood. Perhaps today the vampires that live in our urban fantasies would be quite different from the vampire of yesteryear; but rest assured some supernatural being has always around to feast upon us in an unnatural way.

The ancient Greeks described beings like the Empusae, Lamia, and striges. All were said to consume the blood of young men, women, or children. Fangs, talons, and the rush of blood released like a spring dam. Let’s not forget about the Devil himself, the epitome of demonic devastation. Could it be that the Devil had become synonymous with the Vampire?

The vrykolakas, the Greek version of a vampire, came into being simply after living a sacrilegious life, or after an excommunication or burial in ground that was not consecrated, or most ominously eating mutton that had been previously tasted by a werewolf (, 2009). Nothing could escape becoming vrykolakas often thought to have caused the fusion of species.

The burial of a corpse meant a pine box sealed in dirt several feet below the surface as religion held the burning of corpses in disdain. As we have learned from the forensic science used in television shows like CSI, NCIS, et al. the decomposition of a corpse may take several days and each may look quite different depending upon the environment and the body.

Alexander, a child king whose death leaves many with something to ponder upon was born to us as a vampire at the age of 33 in 323BC. History ponders upon the true nature of his death vacillating between illness, poison, or some other foul play. Had we had the benefit of forensic science we would have known back then what truly happened to him?

Timeline (as taken from and amended by [])

5000BC Vampirism is found to be in the Mediterranean Basin

2000BC Tomb of the Vampire is erected in Giza, Egypt

[323BC] [Alexander the Great is born to the world as a Vampire]

31 Jesus is claimed to have healed vampires at Capernaum.

140 Reign of Longinus, Rome's Vampire Emperor.

773 Charlemagne defeats Quadilla the Vampire thus saving Rome.

1047 "Upir" makes it's first appearance as a word referring to a Russian prince as "Upir Lichy", or wicked vampire.

1096 First Crusade expels vampires from The Holy Land, Jerusalem.

1196 "Chronicles" by William of Newburgh's. It recorded several stories of vampire-like revenants in England.

1428 "Dracula" aka Vlad Dracula or aka Vlad the Impaler is born.

1477 Vlad the Impaler is assassinated.

1484 The Malleus Maleficarium (the witch hunter's bible) is written by Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger. The topic of how to hunt and destroy a vampire is discussed within it's pages.

1530 Italian scientist Ludovico Fatinelli burned at the stake for suggesting a biological cause for vampirism in his "Treatise on Vampires".

1560 Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Bathory is born.

1607 "The Ship of the Dead" brings vampires to the New World.

1610 Elizabeth Bathory is tried and convicted of killing several hundred of girls. Her sentence is life imprisonment.

1614 Elizabeth Bathory dies.

1679 A German vampire text, "De Masticatione Mortuorum", is written by Phillip Rohr.

1734 The word "vampyre" enters the English language.

1748 The first modern vampyre poem, "Der Vampir", is published.

1813 A vampire appears in Lord Byron's The Giaour.

1819 John Polidori's "The Vampyre," is the first vampire story in English is published.

1847 Bram Stoker is born.

1850 Haussman destroys Paris' Vampire Quarter then rebuilds city.

1854 Copper Creek Siege in California prompts formation of Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency.

1872 In Italy, Vincenzo Verzeni is convicted of murdering two people and drinking their blood.

1882 New York Vampire riots ensue.

1891 Steketee's Vampire Rights movement in France is started.

1897 "Dracula" by Bram Stoker is published in England.

1905 Worldwide vampire population hits the one million.

1924 Fritz Haarmann the "Vampire of Hanover" is arrested, tried and convicted of killing more than 20 people in a vampire crime spree.

1931 Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi, is released.

1932 The movie "Vampyr," directed by Carl Theodore Dreyer, is released.

1936 "Dracula's Daughter" is released.

1943 U. S. President Franklin Roosevelt unveils "The Zozobra Project".

1943 "Son of Dracula", stars Lon Chaney, Jr., as Dracula.

1950 In New Mexico an auto mechanic named Joe Valdez becomes the first successful recipient of the vampire vaccine.

1962 The Count Dracula Society is founded in the United States by Donald Reed.

1964 "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family"; television shows with vampire characters.

1965 Jeanne Youngson founds The Count Dracula Fan Club.

1967 Due to the Lazo Disaster in Siberia, the United Nations (UN) passes a resolution banning vampire blood research.

1970 Sean Manchester founds The Vampire Research Society."In Search of Dracula" by Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu is published. --Stephan Kaplan founds The Vampire Research Centre.

[1972] [Blacula the movie is released]

[1973] [Ganja and Hess – movie is released]

1976 The first of The Vampire Chronicles, "Interview With the Vampire", by Anne Rice is published.

1979 Frank Langella stars in the remake of Dracula.

1980 Richard Chase, the so-called Dracula Killer of Sacramento, California, commits suicide in prison.

1985 "The Vampire Lestat" by Anne Rice is published and reaches the best seller list.

[Vampire Hunter D]

1986 President Reagan lifts ban on the vampire and zombie blood research.

[Vamp – the movie is released]

1987 "Methuselah Project" is initiated at the Santa Rosa Institute.

1988 "The Queen of the Damned" is published by Anne Rice.

1991 Vampire: The Masquerade," the vampire role-playing game is released by White Wolf.

1992 "Bram Stoker's Dracula" directed by Francis Ford Coppola opens.

“The Tale of the Body Thief" by Anne Rice is published.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie is released.

[1993] [The Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake series debuted]

1994 The film version of Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire" opens with Tom Cruise as theVampire Lestat and Brad Pitt as Louis.

[1995] [Vampire in Brooklyn the movie is released]

1996 TV series - Kindred: The Embraced airs on TV.

1999 TV series - Buffy the Vampire Slayer airs on TV.

TV Series - Angel .

1998 Blade

Pandora by Anne Rice is published

The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice is published.

1999 Vittorio the Vampire by Anne Rice is published.

[2000] [Dracula 2000 the movie is released


2002 Blade II

Queen of the Damned.

[2003] [The L.A. Banks Vampire Huntress Legend begings]

[2004] [Blade Trinity the movie is released]

2008 Twilight

True Blood airs on HBO.

2009 The Twilight Saga: New Moon

[2010] [Cara Mia by Denise Verrico

Twilight of the Gods by Denise Verrico

A Blood Moon #1 Macedo Ink series by Bitten Twice]

A Blood Moon

Hiding his private life in the public eye, vampire Alexander Macedo, goes to hell and back in a race against time to save the one woman he would die again for and the other he could spend an eternity with. A rogue vampire threatens the balance of power. Bred for strategy but torn between his want for love and his need for companionship, Alex battles to save all he holds dear.

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Denise Verrico said...

Thanks for joining me today! I enjoyed reading your post very much. Vampire mythology is such a fascinating subject.

Bertena Varney said...

I am a member of both the Count Dracula Fan Club, Count Dracula Socitey and more-- see my Facebook

and am a member of White Wolf's Gaming Club Camarilla where I play the new Vampire Game Requiem

Great time line. But the sexond vampire book to ever be published was based on an ancestor of mine- Varney the Vampire-- not really but I have traced my family to that area and then back to Romania:)

That was awesome!!!

Bitten Twice said...

Thanks Denise for hosting me as a guest on your blog. What an excellent opportunity.

I love the timeline and actually find it helpful when an idea pops into my head for a scene or two.

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Hi Bertena, I'm going to check out your page.

Thanks B.

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Great blog today, Bitten and Blood Moon is great too. I encourage everyone to check it out!

Elizabeth Loraine, author Royal Blood Chronicles

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Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words.