Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cedric Speaks-Week Three

 Cedric speaks

The girl just smiled, unaware of the danger to her.  Raj wrapped his arm around her waist and steered her toward the staircase, chatting her up, all charming and debonair.  His little game annoyed me.  The girl’s bum swung like a fleshy pendulum, mesmerizing.  Hunger and desire spilled over into my veins, filling and hardening.  This disturbing combination of lusts propelled me to follow her and Raj into the bedroom. 

Welcome to week three.  Being a vampire isn't all fun, as Cedric begins to discover.  What is the price for eternal life and youth?  As he comes to grapple with this question, he learns some disturbing truths about himself. 

I like my vampires to have limitations.  If it's all about being sexy and cool, where is the conflict?  A vampire survives on some form of energy, be it blood or some metaphysical kind.  In Cedric's world, even those who manage to live on donated blood, struggle with the addiction to the kill.  The link between the Immortyls' bloodlust and sexual arousal also can't be ignored. 

As a mortal, Cedric learned to trade on his desirability.  Now he learns his beauty can be a dangerous gift. 

Love and dark kisses,


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Bitten Twice said...

Excellent series Denise, I'm looking forward to your release.

Denise Verrico said...

Thanks! This book was great fun to write. I have such a wonderful crit group. They gave me heck when I needed it and excellent feedback. I owe a lot to them.