Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cedric Speaks Week Two-Male Vampire Courtesan. You heard it here first.

Cedric speaks:

Potential flowed through my veins, and I liked it. 
My body wanted to test it out, to go outside, run as
fast as possible and climb up the sides of buildings like Spiderman.  This was absolutely mind-blowing.  Could Immortyls bend metal and leap tall buildings in a single bound and all that?  Cedric the super boy, I liked the sound of it.

Welcome to the irreverent mind of Cedric MacKinnon, hero of My Fearful Symmetry, Book Three of the Immortyl Revolution.  Having spent the better part of two years with the lad, I feel a know him a little.  Cedric was just one of those characters who demanded to be heard.  Not content to remain the love interest planned for a future novel, he spawned his own book, a religious order and an Immortyl art form.  He's quite naughty and more than a little vain.  Standing at a lean six three, with a mane of long auburn hair and jade green eyes, he looks good, he's talented and he has a wicked wit. 

The trouble is, the boy doesn't always make the best decisions.  

Cedric wants more than anything to be a rock star.  With that (and little else) on his mind, he leaves school at fifteen and runs away to London.  Needless to say, by age nineteen, he's living on the streets and finds that his dreams haven't quite come true in the way he wishes.  This is the point where his tale begins.  What a journey it is, from the streets of London to the chief elder's court in India.  It's a tale of intrigue, lust and betrayal.  This boy has certainly taken me on a wild ride, but as Cedric says, "It's what I do best."  So, I hope you'll join me in these next weeks as I count down to the June launch.  I'll have many more tidbits to share about my naughty vampire boy.

Please leave a comment to be entered in a drawing to win a Cara Mia t-shirt!  I'll be running a month-long contest in June for more prizes.  Keep checking back for details.

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hi im new to the blog...i corun best books on facebook you left your link there :D im hoping to look your books up and see what there about. i read lots of fantasy books and science fiction.

love your blog