Saturday, August 13, 2011

National Left Hander's Day

It's time to celebrate the sinister!  I'm left handed, and I was intrigued to find I was in interesting company.  Add any of your favorite left-handers to the comments!

Four of the past five US Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George H.W. Bush

Bill Clinton

Barack Obama

Others of Note:

Joan of Arc

Roman Emperor Tiberius

Alexander the Great


Julius Caesar

Queen Victoria

Prince Charles

Prince William

Fidel Castro

David Letterman

Ron Reagan Jr.

Lenny Bruce

Joel Hodgson

Jack the Ripper

John Dillenger

H. G. Wells

Lewis Carroll

Kurt Cobain

David Byrne

Judy Garland

Jimi Hendrix

Paul Simon

Johnny Rotten



(Not the Ninja Turtles)

George Burns

Charlie Chaplin

This Author is actually writing with her left hand and upside down to boot!  How many of you lefties write upside down?

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Chuck said...

Here's a test comment. I am right handed.