Monday, November 7, 2011

Author interview with John Podgursky

Today I'm pleased to welcome John Podgursky to Immortyl Revolution! John is on tour promoting his book, The One Percenters.

John, toward what age group is your work geared?

It's definitely not for anyone under 16, not only because of the violence and language, but because the theme is really for someone more world-weary.

Into which genre would you say your work falls and why?

It's a psychological thriller. Much of the conflict occurs in the protagonist's head.

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

There's no doubt it is Edward. He's part me, part psychotic ax murderer, part naive child. He means well until he doesn't. Or the other way around. He's everything and nothing I want to be.

What other writers would you say have influenced your work and why? What are some of your favorite books in your genre?

Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin & Hobbes. His fearlessness of being himself and, in my opinion, extreme intelligence concerning the world around us. The mixture of passion and cynicism he displays through his characters reminds me of myself. A boatload of King books didn't hurt either. I enjoyed The Wasp Factory and Lord of the Flies.

What is your writing process like? Do you do a lot of background research? Do you plot every detail or do you prefer the characters to move the story in new directions, or a combination of both? Do you belong to a critique group and do you find this helpful?

I prepare the skeleton beforehand, and then flesh out the details as I write. I write in a stream of consciousness, and then go back to do the research and filler later. I don't like my writing time to be start-and-stop, so this method works best for me.

Do you have any advice for young or beginning writers?

I don't think I'm experienced enough at this time to be handing out advice.
Who is your publisher, and where are your books available? Are there e-books and hard copies available?

My publisher is Damnation Books. As you might expect, they deal in dark fiction. You can get an e-copy at their site, A paperback can be obtained at amazon.

What is your website and/or blog where readers can learn more? Can they friend you on facebook or other sites?

Unfortunately, I am a bit of a luddite and don't have a website. However, I welcome questions via e-mail at  I'm on Facebook as well, so stop on by!

Are there any upcoming signings or appearances you’d like to mention?

No, but I do hope to have another novel published by the end of '12, so if you enjoy The One Percenters, keep me in mind!

Thanks for joining me today, John and good luck with your book!


Amanda Borenstadt said...

Wow, sounds like a good book. Your character sounds freaky fascinating! I enjoyed the interview. :)

Denise Verrico said...

Thanks for commenting!