Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free ebook Vampire News is out!

Here's a free ebook you can download called Vampire News!

Bertena Varney and Stavros have compiled a book of the great news of vampire events of 2011 They created an awesome timeline with book covers, reviews of book, interview of authors, and essays about movies, television shows and more from various authors and bloggers as well websites to learn more about vampire news.

Bertena and Stavros have decided to offer the book for free so that they can all allow more readers to learn about the vampire world.

For your free PDF go to:
Pub/Book Info:

Vampire News

Authors: Bertena Varney, MA & Stavros

Copyright 2012 Bertena Varney and the Lure of the Vampire Publications

Published by Crazy Duck Press

Vampire News Network Copyright 2012 Stavros

Cover Models: Katalina Parrish & Jean-Paul de Jager

Description: A Collection of Vampire News from 2011.

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Ness said...

Hi Denise !! I have not read your books yet but am looking quite forward to reading them! you are a true inspiration!