Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sexy Cedric’s Tips for a Memorable Valentine’s Day

For some time, Cedric has been clamoring to take over the blog.  You can't keep the boy down, I guess.  Seeing that Valentine's Day is coming, I decided to let him "have a go", as he would say.  This is the first of his posts.  They will continue through Tuesday the 14th.  Then, he'll be blogging every Saturday. 

I’m often asked, Cedric, what is the secret to your success as a lover? Well, I’m not permitted to divulge all of the tantric secrets of an adept of the ancient arts (Immortyl courtesan), but I can share a few tidbits that will make your Valentine’s Day an erotic adventure.

1. Look and smell your very best! Now, I understand, that not everyone is gifted with my degree of fabulousness, but it never hurts to take a few extra moments to make yourself as attractive as possible and become a feast for the senses.  Personal hygiene should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many ignore this fact. Everyone wants to shag a dirty boy, but no one wants a smelly one. This goes for the ladies as well. After a good shower, (showering together is always fun) use a nice moisturizing preparation to make the skin irresistible to touch. Depending on your lover’s preferences, deal with unwanted hair. You’d be surprised how shaving or waxing certain areas will win an enthusiastic response. Yes, gentlemen, I’m speaking to you as well. Less is more to a lot of us. That perfume or cologne that hasn’t been used since the first date might be once more utilized. Make sure you hair is just a little short of coiffed and isn’t stiff with product. It looks and feels more inviting to muss that way. Once both partners are nice and relaxed, they should don their most enticing attire. Ladies, you know what I mean, but a lot of your gentlemen don’t get it. A little fashion sense goes a long way.  Don’t forget that what goes underneath is especially important. If your partner still doesn’t comprehend, go shopping.  Surprise him with a gift of new duds, if you must.

2. Going out is fun, but I suggest staying in and having an intimate meal together. (The authoress will share her menu on Monday.) Of course, this boy prefers making reservations, but if one isn’t talented in the culinary sphere, there are take away options beyond MacDonald’s and pizza. Choose something light and exotic. No one feels sexy when stuffed like a Christmas turkey. Yet, do have a decadent dessert. I’ve a weakness for mousse au chocolat with whipped cream. You can do all sorts of fun things with it. Libations are important. Now, we vampires prefer ours mixed with warmed blood, (adepts of the ancient arts like me also use special herbs to enhance the experience) but mortals are less adventurous, so perhaps some good champagne or a special wine. It loosens the inhibitions and makes all parties more playful. If you don’t imbibe, have some lovely virgin cocktails. No comments about lovely virgins, please. Light the candles and use the best china and crystal. Set a little soft music to play. If you are musically talented, like yours truly, you can serenade your lover. Now is not the time for “All Along the Watchtower”, but a soothing love ballad. Not Barry Manilow if you can help it. Indulge in some stimulating conversation.  Concentrate on you lover's interests.  Playful banter is encouraged, not heavy-duty debate.  Gifts may be exchanged. Depending on the finances, these can range from a single rose to a diamond bracelet or sports car. Don’t call me unless it’s the latter.

3. The boudoir should be uncluttered and inviting. Fresh sheets are a must. We adepts of the ancient arts perfume the sheets, but that isn’t necessary. A lightly scented candle does as nicely, not the heavily perfumed variety sold at many shops. Those just make one gag, and this is not the night for gagging, if you get my drift. Undressing is a ritual that has great significance in my profession. You can strip for your partner, or let him or her do the honors. Just take it slow and make it an event. It’s time to show that lingerie or the fruits of those weeks you’ve spent in the gym. Have massage oils and lubricants at hand. Use them with abandon. Maybe share a juicy fantasy or read an erotic tale together.  Exotic dance can set the pulse higher, but do practice first. The aim is not to look like a reject from Dancing with the Stars. It’s time to play now. Hopefully, all participants are relaxed and uninhibited by this point. Too many lovers never bother to ask his or her partner about fantasies and preferences. It’s amazing how simply talking about these things can really light a fire. But be cautious, approach this with respect and taste. Don’t gross out or frighten your partner. This topic can be discussed in advance. As a courtesan, it was my business to find out as much as I could about the lover I’d be entertaining.  I'd approach his servants or question other courtesans prior to the encounter. With advance knowledge, one can plan enticements and obtain props if necessary. Think of lovemaking as mutual exploration and adult playtime. If all parties are comfortable, push the boundaries a little. This is a special night. I’m not going to write a sex manual here. There are many informative texts on the subject from the spiritual to the scientific. Educate yourself and your lover(s). You’ll be pleased with the results.

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Your Naughty Boy,
Cedric MacKinnon

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