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Sexy Cedric Interviews Rodrick Dracon of the Devon Falls Series

Host Cedric MacKinnon's Portrait by Arlie Adams
Greetings, my darlings!  Today is the first of my Saturday series, in which I'll be featuring character interviews, posts on naughty subjects and letters from the lovelorn.  There will also be a monthly drawing.  You'll find the juicy details at the end of this post.

To kick off this feature, I'm very excited (that is the appropriate word) to have as my guest the stunning Rodrick Dracon, hero of Haunting Magic, Book Four of the Devon Falls Series by Raine Delight.

I've never met a wolf shifter before, and I must say, after meeting this delightful man/wolf, I really don't understand all the nastiness between wolves and vampires. 

So, without further ado, I'm pleased to introduce my guest, Rodrick Dracon!

Welcome to Sexy Saturday with Cedric, Rodrick! I do hope you’ll share a few spicy tidbits, my darling. Settle into my hot seat of love. Don’t worry--I never bite unless invited.

Rod settles in the chair and gives a warm smile to Cedric. “Thanks for having me here, mate. Happy to be here.”

Back at you, mate. To start us off, why don’t you share a little about your vital statistics? What makes you such a mouth-watering object of desire?

Rod: ‘Well man, I am a six foot tall wolf shifter, shoulder length black hair, golden yellow eyes and about 185 pounds of pure muscle. My wolf is silver once I shift I am a bad boy with a heart of gold *winks*.”

Mmm…I haven’t gone wolf before. Perhaps I need to broaden my horizons. Share a little of the history of your family and your fascinating community.

Rod: “Devon Falls is a small paranormal community where we can live without fear of being hunted by humans’ hell bent on destroying any paranormal creature. My family was a founding family of Devon Falls and we have lived, worked and have strong community ties with our business, The Dragon Inn, a restaurant/small hotel, that we run.”

As a vampire, I must deal with certain limitations. I just can’t seem to find an effective sunscreen. Aside from temporary grooming issues, what are some of the unique challenges that face a wolf shifter?

Rod: “Oh man, I feel for you. *shakes head sympathetically*. I swear I can’t keep buying clothes. Shifting is hard on them and my mother always shook her head as she mended one shirt or jeans after I forgot to take them off before shifting and ended up ruining them. I learned the hard way to take clothes off before shifting or else I am riding my motorcycle naked a jaybird home.”

Now, that is an image to dream on.

Rodrick, I’m the sort of lad who gets around a bit. Are you the monogamous type, or do you play the field?

Rod grins: “Cedric, a man or is it vampire, after my own heart. Before I settled with my mate, Jaxon, I loved women of all sizes and shapes. My twin threatened to put a revolving door on my part of the house because I always had more than one woman at a time. Now though, Jax would skin my hide if I even looked at another woman. I only have eyes for her and she knows it.”

Maybe you should be looking at other men? We Immortyls are rather more omnivorous in our tastes and habits. Oh well, one can always hope, darling. Tell me about your turn ons and turn offs.

Rod thinks: “Turn on-I love confidence with a touch of innocence, someone who knows her worth and doesn’t take any crap from no one. A person who can bend but not break and is honest to themselves as well as to the person they are involved in. I don’t have a type I enjoy per say but I can say honestly, I never anticipated my mate to be woman who always made quips about my romantic life and sneered at me. Turn offs-arrogance and a know it all attitude.”

I’ve had my share of tumultuous relationships, but I must admit, I prefer those that present a challenge. Do you like someone who lets you take the lead, or do you like strong-minded lovers?

Rod grins widely: “Jaxon is my equal in every way, Cedric. She is strong willed, can take charge and constantly challenges me in every way. She can drive me insane sometimes but I adore the woman. I do love to make her submit every now and again and other times, she is the aggressor.”

I agree. There’s nothing like a strong female to excite the beast in a man. Tell me more about this special person in your life.

Rod: “Jaxon is my mate and life, man. She was an unexpected gift from the gods and now I can’t think of life without her.” *Looks around* “Is this going to get back to her? If so, I am never going to hear the end of it.” *sighs dramatically*

What is your idea of the perfect evening out for the two of you?

Rod: “Right now, Jax and I are cementing our mating bond so we have been staying in and *winks* having picnics in our bedroom. But soon we hope to go listen to some local bands, spend time with family/friends and maybe have a romantic dinner together. I enjoy to cook for my mate, family and friends so hopefully if the weather cooperates, we will have a BBQ soon.”

Cooking is something I've yet to master. I’m the sort of boy who makes reservations. So, supposing the plan is to stay in. All great lovers have their trade secrets. How you create the perfect romantic atmosphere for that special someone?

Rod grins widely: “I love bringing flowers and wine to a date. Chocolate covered strawberries or berries and whipped cream for dessert and soft music with a possible fire in fireplace sets the mood perfectly.”

Whipped cream...hmm...that sets the imagination on fire.  Rod, (inspiring name) I've really enjoyed having you here to kick off my new feature!  Thanks a mill, mate, and the best of luck to you and the lovely, Jax.  Before you go, is there anything else you’d like to share? Feel free--I’m all ears, love.

Rod smiles and stands, hand out for a shake: Thanks for having me here, Cedric. I really enjoyed myself.”

 Haunting Magic

Devon Falls 4

Raine Delight

Secret Cravings Publishing

Paranormal/Contemporary Erotic Romance

Check out the hot book trailer at

Rodrick Dracon is the twin heir to the Dragon Inn. When he finds himself longing for a mate after being footloose and fancy free, he finds himself drawn to the most obnoxious, brassy woman he has ever met: Jaxon Sinclair. She is the one woman who doesn't melt when he goes by or hangs on his every word. Jaxon is just aggravating and down right sexy as sin! Soon the sparks fly, passion goes into boiling and Halloween approaches. Can this wolf shifter get this woman to heel before the full moon? Will Jax turn the tables on this ladies man and tame the wolf?


He looked even better close up though she damn well wasn’t going to tell him that. He had a swelled head as it was, considering all the honeybees that swarmed all over him. She mentally gathered her defenses. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought she was in lust with Rodrick, impossible as seemed from the way they sniped at each other. Shaking her head slightly, she felt his gaze move to her and heard his startled breath as she walked up to the porch.

“Hey, Rod, slow night?” Jax asked. Her eyes drank in the way his muscles bunched under his t-shirt. She felt her stomach clench, though it could have been the anticipation of food that waited inside the dark mahogany doors. The way he was watching her had her nerves on edge. She didn’t know what the hell his problem was, but Jax was determined to get in and out with her order before Rod pushed her buttons. She just was not up to dealing with him tonight.

“Yeah, seems everyone is getting ready for the Halloween costume dance tomorrow. What are you up to tonight? Got a dinner date?” Rod growled at her, his eyes shining with a glow that almost made Jax take a step back before she caught herself. Shaking her head, she said, “What the hell is wrong with you tonight? I was going to have dinner with Grady, but he got short-staffed and had to cover tonight. I just wanted to see if I can grab a take out from your mom.” Jax marveled at how normal it was between them. Though she thought the hair on his arms bristled at the thought of her on a date, it probably was her imagination. Rod wasn’t interested in her, just the ones who wanted a good time and an easy lay.

“I am sure my mom would love to give you something since everyone knows you can burn water without even trying.” The smile that tugged at his lips had her eyes go wide then narrow in annoyance.

“What the hell would you know about cooking, you jackass? I bet you couldn’t make something if your life depended on it,” she sneered. Her hands closed into fists and she was tempted to smack him for being so damn annoying. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought there was a smile lingering on his smug face.

“Oh, are you challenging me, Jax? Can’t take the fact that I may actually know something you don’t? Want to take that to a test?” Rod leaned forward, stroked a finger down her nose, and said softly, “Afraid that maybe I can do something that will make you readjust your opinion of me?”

Jax was stunned by the clenching of her pussy as he traced his finger down her nose. If she didn’t know better, she could have sworn there was a flare of interest in his eyes; though it could have been that she was moon-mazed or something. Jax tried to still the weak-kneed response to him touching her as she tried to form an annoying response.

“You can boil water? Oh, my god!” Jax looked up at the darkening sky and then back at Rod. “Wow the sky hasn’t fallen yet. Did you pay off Heaven or something? Has Hell frozen over and no one told the Devil?”

The smile that played on her lips had him growling low in his throat. Jax didn’t know what to think when Rod yanked her to him and said, “You have a death wish don’t you Jax? You really don’t want me to show you that I can do that and so much more.” His voice was low and husky; Jax felt her bones turn to mush as he nipped her ear. He turned her on, no two ways about it and damn it, why him? He has to be the most annoying man on this planet yet he also was sexy as sin and damn it to hell and back, he made her want him with every inch of her being. Trying to shove away from him was like trying to hit a rock with an open palm. He was an immovable object and his eyes, she could have sworn, glowed faintly.

“Will you please let me go, you ass?” Jax tried to keep her voice strong and pissed off but dang it; he was making her stomach do flips every time he nipped her ear. “If you really want to prove to me you can cook, fine. I swear it is like your male ego got in a snit or something.” She huffed and blew her breath out when nothing else seemed to make him let go, though if she were honest with herself, she liked his hands on her body. Still, it wasn’t like she was going to tell this idiot that. No telling what else he would do with that information.

“Is it possible that I can go grab some food before I die of starvation? I swear if that was your goal tonight, Rod, you are not doing a very good job.” Jax said as she felt his hands glide down her arms then let go, the lack of his touch almost had her keening for more. This attraction she had for him was getting out of hand, especially since she and Rod rubbed against each other like oil and water.

Her treacherous body leaned into him before she caught herself and as she glared at him, she didn’t know what the hell was going on tonight but for some reason tonight he was determined to drive her insane.

“Go get your take out, Jax, but tomorrow, make no plans for the evening. I got something to prove and frankly, I am more than a pretty face, Jaxon. I think it’s time for you to see what else I can do besides be the resident “Lathario” as you so charmingly call me.”

“Fine,” She snapped at him, disgusted with her at the way her body aroused from the way his voice. “If it makes your fragile male ego happy to prove something, come on over and frankly it better be edible please. Nothing frou-frou or stuff that I cannot pronounce for god’s sake. I get home about six so come by after that.”

The next thing she knew, he leaned over, snatched her from her spot on the sidewalk and smiled as her eyes widened. “Jaxon, if I didn’t know better, I would say you are intrigued by me making dinner for you. If this keeps up, I think I am going to have to show you some of my other hidden talents.” Then before she could form a coherent thought and punch him, he leaned forward and laid his full wet lips on hers, teasing her with a light caress of his tongue and with light firm kisses until she was panting and flushed. Before she could form a sane thought or even think of pushing him away, she kissed him back, teasing him with hard kisses as her tongue dueled with his as her arms wrapped themselves around his waist. With one last reluctant kiss, he stepped back. His eyes glittered in the moonlight and Jax saw his arousal strain his jeans. “Now the deal is set, Sweets. I will be there around six-thirty so don’t be playing the ’I am late’ game, I will be waiting for you.” Then he sauntered away back into the Inn, leaving her body primed for something and ready to kill him.

Again, I'd like to thank Rodrick and his creator Raine Delight for joining me today. 

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I'm breathlessly awaiting our next tryst. 
Love and dark kisses from your naughty boy,

Cedric MacKinnon

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