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Sexy Cedric Interviews The Watcher

 Today, I welcome a very special guest to my boudoir of dreams.  Please join me in welcoming the titular hero of The Watcher by L. M. Brown.  Please leave a comment at to be entered in a month-long drawing to win an ecopy of my story, My Fearful Symmetry.  Details at the end of the post.
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Welcome to Sexy Saturday with Cedric, mate! I do hope you’ll share a few spicy tidbits, my darling. Settle into my hot seat of love. This is the first time I’ve had a guest without supernatural abilities, or one from my side of the pond, for that matter. I’m sure it will be a delicious experience. Don’t worry. I never bite unless invited.

However, mortals usually find me irresistible.

Please introduce yourself to the readers.

I’m Nathaniel Carruthers, though my friends, what few I have left, usually call me Nate. I’m afraid I don’t have any supernatural abilities, though wouldn’t mind the ability to become invisible.

To start us off, why don’t you share some of your history—don’t spare any juicy details.

I’m an only child and after my parents died I came into a fortune. It was held in trust for me until I was twenty one. After that, well, let’s just say I went off the rails a little. If you were suddenly in possession of more money than you could hope to spend in a lifetime, wouldn’t you enjoy it?

I certainly did.

My darling, I love spending money--other people's money.

I became something of a local celebrity. Nothing on the scale of the Hiltons, but around town I was pretty well known.

I had my choice of men or women. I know it sounds arrogant, but it’s true. What my looks didn’t get me, the money did.

At least until the accident. That was two years ago and when everything changed.

You probably read about it in the papers – the playboy who partied too hard – though the reports were rather exaggerated. I hadn’t been drinking that night and it was the other car who took the red light, not mine. Not that the press ever cared about the truth.

The crash left me with scars I can’t hide. Even after I was back on my feet again the appeal of partying on the edge was long gone.

 My friends had mostly moved on and while I could have bought them back, I didn’t want to. A close call like the one I had makes you re-evaluate your life, you know?

For the last two years I’ve lived pretty much the life of a hermit. Oh I go out when I have to, for medical appointments and the like, but mostly I stay hidden from the rest of the world.

I understand you own a hotel. You must have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

Probably not as many as you think. We’re a high class establishment and our guests value their privacy as much as I value mine.

Of course, there was that one time when someone let loose a bunch of terrapins in the hotel pool. We never did find out who was responsible for that. They have a large custom built tank of their own in the lobby now.

I doubt that sort of story is what you’re looking for though, is it? No, I can tell from the look in your eyes the sort of story you’re after. Unfortunately, while there has been the occasional lovers’ spat in the hotel, they usually take place behind closed doors. We get the odd complaint from neighbouring rooms and we deal with those quickly and professionally.

You have a rather interesting pastime. Tell the readers a bit about this dirty little secret.

Well, the pastime didn’t really start out like that.

My parents believed the best way to run any business is to learn from the bottom up. By the time I was twenty one I’d been changing beds, cleaning bathrooms, manning the reception and waiting tables in the hotel restaurant. By the time of the accident I’d got the managerial experience as well. Six months after the accident my manager quit and it was easy enough to take over the role of manager until a replacement was found.

The only problem was our regular security cameras are located down in the basement. And every time there was an issue that required my attention I had to go down through the hotel, past the guests and the staff, to view the footage.

But they did.

Yeah, I watched them. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t have done exactly the same. They were amazing to see. This wasn’t some online porn site. There was no playing up to the camera or making sure they were in the right position for the best shot. It was real and it was bloody hot.

If you’d seen them, you’d have watched them too. And after seeing that, let me tell you, no staged porno would ever match up to it.
If you had the resources to duplicate that scene, wouldn’t you at least try?

I suppose I'd take a wee peek now and then.  Purely for research, you know.

So, what do you look for in the ideal partner? Describe this object of desire.

Humph. Someone with a strong constitution or blind as a bat?
Before the accident I wasn’t particularly picky about my partners. Tall or short, blond or dark, it didn’t matter as long as they knew what they were doing in the bedroom. I was out for a good time and I had just that.

These days I’ve come to realise looks aren’t that important to me. After all, I’m looking for someone who won’t mind that my own good looks are never coming back. Oh, there’s surgery as an option, I know. My doctor brings it up every now and again, but I’d never be exactly the same as I was before.

Now I’d be happy with someone who doesn’t flinch every time they look at me. Someone who won’t shy away if I try to get close to him.

I guess I just want someone who will love me in spite of the scars.

Ah, don't we all.  I’ve had my share of tumultuous relationships, but I must admit, I prefer those that present a challenge. Do you like someone who lets you take the lead, or do you like strong-minded lovers?

I’ve always liked to take the lead in the past. Right now I’m not in a relationship and since I’ve become this recluse it’s going to take someone strong-minded and forceful to even get my attention.

Turn-ons? Turn-offs?

Turn-ons: Someone who isn’t afraid to be noisy in bed. That was the one thing I didn’t get through the security cameras. They only pick up visual, not sound.

Turn-offs: Anyone who’s completely turned off by the idea of a little bit of kink. There’d be no point in starting a relationship with someone who gets all judgemental when they find out I get turned on watching other men have sex.

I concur.  Life without kink is like a day without sunshine--wait, that includes all my days.  Good thing I'm nice and kinky. 

What is your idea of the perfect evening? All great lovers have their trade secrets. How would you create the perfect romantic atmosphere?

I went on many romantic dates before the accident. Some of them were the best that money could buy, but not all of them were a success. You can be in an expensive restaurant, with a perfect atmosphere and exquisite food, but if you don’t have anything to talk to your date about by the time you’ve finished your starter, the perfect evening evaporates pretty damn fast.

Absolutely, which is why courtesans like me are trained in conversation and are knowledgeable on various subjects.  There is more to the art of love than shagging.  Conversation is the perfect first course of love.

The best dates, the ones I remember as being perfect, were the ones I didn’t plan down to the last detail. Like the time I snuck out to be with my first boyfriend and climbed back in the window just before dawn. We spent most of the night in his car, just driving around and talking, and yeah, we did a bit of parking as well. We didn’t go to a restaurant – my allowance didn’t quite stretch that far back in those days – we ate burgers from a late night burger stand near one of the nightclubs. We tried to get into the club but we were underage and the bouncer wouldn’t let us inside. It didn’t matter really, from what we could hear at the door the music was crap anyway.

There was nothing planned about that night, but for me it was perfect anyway because, even though I was grounded and we hadn’t much money between the two of us, we were together.

I don’t believe the perfect evening can be planned. Just enjoyed when you find yourself in one.

There is much to be said for serendipity.  Anything else you’d like to share?

The Watcher by L.M. Brown

Part of the Wicked Watchers: Looking at the Lads anthology

 A Multi-author M/M anthology from the writers of Wednesday Briefs, who bring you prompt induced Flash fiction every Wednesday. Bigger Briefs is an anthology we began to showcase our slightly bigger briefs. Er, flash fiction. We invite you to take the journey with us!
Have you ever had the feeling you’re being watched? Sometimes, watching can be naughty. And nice. Seven erotic stories from of those who are spied upon, and those who do the spying. You might be surprised to learn who has their eye… on you…

The Watcher by L.M. Brown
When you're rich, but horribly scarred, and your only pleasure is to watch people come and go in the hotel you own…When you inadvertently watch the hottest guy you've ever seen make love in a lift… When you employ someone to recreate the event, and then when the person you employed brings the hot man to your door… Do you dare to open it?

It was getting late when Nate saw a particularly handsome face on the monitor that showed the main lobby of the hotel. The black and white display showed a tall, blond man; he walked purposefully towards the lifts, his pace fast and sure. “Well, hello Blondie,” Nate commented, followed by a low whistle of appreciation.

Beside the stranger was one of the regular hotel guests, a man who Nate saw pass through the doors every few months, staying anywhere from two days to a week. With dark hair, going slightly grey at the temples, and a stocky build, the man was not what you would call classically handsome. At least not compared to the stunning friend he’d brought back with him. Nate knew the guest was a businessman, usually in town for conferences, some of them hosted by this very hotel. He always carried his laptop with him, along with a briefcase practically bursting with papers. Nate didn’t recall ever seeing him in the company of another man before, at least not at this time of night.

As the men hurried into the lift, Nate twisted his chair to look at the feed from inside. The doors were barely closed before the two men were clawing at each other’s clothes. The businessman’s laptop and briefcase dropped to the floor as he tugged the other man’s shirt from his trousers.

“Do people not read the CCTV signs any more?” Nate muttered. Every foot of public space in the hotel was monitored by closed circuit television. The lobby and reception, the bar and lounge, the restaurant and pool—they were all covered. Only inside the public toilets and the rooms of the guests were there no cameras.

On the other hand, Nate mused, this was certainly cheaper than paying to watch online porn. Of course, the pair of them would only go so far in a public lift. Wouldn’t they?

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Passion Bringer by Sara York

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bn100 said...

Very nice interview. I enjoyed the excerpt. The book sounds good.


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Thanks for joining me today! I always appreciate such interesting guests as you, Nathaniel!

L.M. Brown said...

Thanks for having us here Cedric.

Thanks for commenting bn100. Glad you liked the interview and the excerpt. If you get the chance to check it out I hope you enjoy it.