Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sexy Cedric: Mia Disantini on Her Favorite Spots in NYC

Greetings, my darlings!  Being that it’s the time of year when mortals start going on holiday, I thought it would be fun to do a spot on a travel destination near and dear to my heart.  Don't forget to comment and enter to win an ebook copy of our latest novel, Servant of the Goddess.

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Cedric: I’m a day late with this post, but my guest was uncooperative!  I had to employ my considerable powers of persuasion to get her to join me.  Today, I welcome a woman—no, not simply a woman—a goddess of such astounding beauty, such smoldering sensuality, that the very air throbs when she walks into a room.  No wait—that’s me throbbing.  You can see on the cover how perfectly ravishing she is--I'm the other hot one.  Okay, Kurt has his charms, I guess.

Mia: Cut the crap, Cedric, you said you’d behave.

Cedric:  I said I’d behave, but I didn’t say I’d behave well.

Mia: Listen, you want me to do this or not?

Cedric: I’ll be a good boy.  If not, you must promise to deliver a sound spanking on my naughty, little bum.

Mia: That’s it.  I’m out of here.  I have more important things to do than aiding and abetting you in your egocentric ramblings.

Cedric: (I sweep her into my arms and apply extravagant kisses to her porcelain throat.)  I’ll be extra-special good if you humor me.

Mia: (Sags in my arms and trembles all over) Fine, let’s do this quick then.

Cedric: You said you’d share your favorite spots in New York.

Mia: You’ll have to stop with the kissing…  I can’t…ah…speak coherently. (pushes me off her)  Okay people, if you haven’t been to New York, what the hell are you waiting for?  Late spring is the perfect time to go.  Here are some of my favorite spots in the city.  I mention many of them in my stories.  The author has a file on her PinterestPage where she's repinned some photos of these spots.

  1. Central Park- The park has a lot of great things to see. The Central Park Zoo is a charming place to visit.  I also love the view from Belvedere Castle.  Bethesda Fountain is another beautiful spot I like to haunt after dark.

Cedric: For those who enjoy eye-candy of the two-legged variety, you should go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon during the summer months.

Mia: How would you know?  You can hardly go sun-bathing.

Cedric:  The authoress told me all about it.  Dirty old bird.

Mia: You should be more respectful to the one who gave you life.

Cedric: I respect her.  What I said is a compliment.

Mia: Moving on.
  1. Gramercy Park- I used to live on Gramercy.  The park is only accessible to residents who have a key, but it’s a charming old neighborhood to walk around and photograph.

  1. The Empire State Building almost goes without saying, but I recommend the view on a clear night.  It’s truly breathtaking.

Cedric: Like me.

Mia: Get your hands off, or I’ll cut them off.

  1. Battery Park-  On the Southern tip of Manhattan, you can look out over the harbor and see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  You can buy tickets here to visit these sites.  Ellis Island is a moving tribute to the immigrant experience.

Cedric: Like me?

Mia: You know, I could have you deported. 

Cedric: You’d never do that.

Mia: Try me.  While at Battery Park, go take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry.  It’s the best bargain in the city, costing nothing.  Roundtrip takes about an hour.  Continuing—

  1. Times Square- Yes, it is the center of the universe.  If you like theatre, you can purchase your discounted tickets at TKTS.  There is a statue of George M. Cohan too.

  1. The American Museum of Natural History- You’ll want to reserve several hours to see everything.  My wards always loved the dinosaur and marine halls best.

  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art- Again, take your time, there is so much to see.  My favorite spots: The sculpture court and the Temple of Dendur

8. Greenwich Village- Many interesting shops and buildings on the side streets—but take a map, every street seems to be named Bleecker or Waverly. 

  1. Chinatown/Little Italy- Some great ethnic restaurants, but try to go on a weekday.  On the weekends, you can barely walk down the sidewalks because of the crowds. Also, try to go to a dim sum restaurant.  These little dishes of dumplings and other tidbits are amazing. You’re also close to other interesting neighborhoods you may want to visit, Soho, Tribeca and the Lower Eastside.

  1. Upper Eastside- If you have expensive tastes, like a certain boy I know, you won’t want to miss all the upscale retailers and chic salons in this area.  Cedric is known by name in these establishments.  Of course, this is the neighborhood where my master, Ethan, threw me out into the snow to fend for myself.  No good memories for me here.  

  1. The World Trade Center Site- The newly completed memorial inhabits the footprint where the twin towers once stood, a place for meditation and paying respect to those who perished on that awful day. 

There are a lot of neat spots in the city I haven’t yet mentioned.   I’d also recommend the cloisters, the Bronx Zoo, the USS Intrepid, The Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim Museum and so many more.  New York is and will always be, in my opinion, the greatest city in the world.  Maybe I’m prejudiced, but I love my Big Apple. 

There—are you satisfied now?

Cedric: Hardly, but that will do for the post.  I have other plans for you now.  

So, my darling readers, if you’ll excuse me, I must shag this ravishing creature while I can.

Kurt expects her back tomorrow evening. 

Until Next time, 
Love and Dark Kisses,


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Very fun post. That's a great list of places to visit. I like Central Park.


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Hi Denise, Nice Blog...I need to get your books...they sound interesting.

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