Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sexy Cedric Reveals All

Welcome to Sexy Saturday with Cedric.  Today, I will be the subject of a revealing interview.  First off my darlings, I have a new look.  Feast your eyes on the lovely cover of Annals of the Immortyls, a new ebook which will be available free to commenters on the authoress' upcoming blog tour! The design was created by Maria Verrico, artist and niece of the authoress.  

Yes, the hot redhead with the cool sword is your darling boy.  The brunette is my delicious Mia.  The blond bloke?  Oh--that's Kurt.  My boss.  Her mate.  'Nuff said.

Here is a little blurb:

Forget the fairytale vampire romance…

Mia Disantini thought she found the man of her dreams, but is trapped in a nightmare from which she can’t wake up. 

Kurt Eisen makes a monstrous bargain to survive a Nazi concentration camp and begins to understand what a monster truly is.

Cedric MacKinnon was once a celebrated vampire courtesan.  Now he’s a deadly assassin, who has cheated death too many times.  

A trio of Dark Urban Fantasy tales featuring characters from Denise Verrico’s Immortyl Revolution series. 

The authoress and I will be going out on tour starting with two stops this month and then kicking off a summer-long extravaganza on June 2nd with a one day blitz put on by Bewitching Book Tours. There will be free ebooks, print books and other prizes, so keep posted for details!

This is our new novel published by L&L Dreamspell

It's now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Omnilit and All Romance.  Soon to be on Fictionwise, iBook and others.  Cool statue, huh?

And now, the promised tidbits of my life story.  The authoress has graciously stepped forward to interview your host.

DV: So Cedric, tell your readers a little about yourself--and do try to behave yourself.

    CM: My dear, I'm your slave, you know that.  I only do what your wicked brain contrives. You dreamed me up.  

     DV: You hatched out of my head like Athena.  I have little control over your escapades.  Go on, be a good boy and I'll write some erotic adventures with Lord Liu for you.
    CM:  Promise?  I'd like that.  So, here goes, I was born in Scotland. My parents died when I was little.  I grew up in a children’s home and ran away to London when I was fifteen with dreams of becoming a rock star.  

    Needless to say, not a great idea. I went on the streets and made my living selling the only thing I could.  To make a long story short, rent boys in London have a 33% HIV infection rate, and I became a statistic.  I turned to playing my guitar in the underground to supplement what I got from the government, and one night I encountered this lovely Indian man--or so I thought.  Raj made me the man I am today.  That is to say, a vampire courtesan turned assassin.  Complete sociopath, Raj. 

   On the bright side, I’m a musician and play the guitar as well as Indian instruments.  My prized possession is a vintage Stratocaster.  I love all kinds of rock music.  My favorite artist of all time is David Bowie.  Flashy clothes, fast cars and the latest electronic gadgets are my weakness—and beautiful lovers.  I believe in spreading the wealth, so to speak.
   DV: Talk about your former line of work. 
  CM: Must I?  You just love dredging all that up.  I’m an adept of the ancient arts, which is an Immortyl temple artist in service to the Goddess Kali, but adepts are used as courtesans in political intrigues by the Chief Elder, Kalidasa.  Usually a total drag, except for the singing and dancing.  No one does a blues riff on a sitar like me.  Music is my true passion.
   Too many uncongenial lovers, too many beds, too little rest.  Lord Liu was the exception.  Liu Li Cheng is a gentleman and knows how to treat a boy right. 

    My official duty was to serve the Goddess and bestow Shakti’s blessings through an elaborate tantric sex ritual.  During my training in the ashram, I told my guru, Sandhya, “I’ve been called many things in my time, but never a conduit of divinity”.  She wasn’t amused and hit me on the back of the head with all her rings on.  Ouch.  Vampires aren’t known for being gentle.  Well, maybe those sparkly, wussy ones. I so did him once, I swear.  Poseur.  

    I once had an encounter with a bloke who was with the Spanish Inquisition.  No Monty Python fun here.  Torture isn’t officially allowed on an adept, but with our new Rani, Giulietta, anything goes.  The change I’d like to see is Giulietta’s head at the business end of my knife.
   DV: And what is it you do now?
   CM: Mia tells all about my exploits in servant of the Goddess.  Let’s just say that I take heads now instead of give…well you get the drift.
    DV:  Who trained you in your new occupation?

    CM: I’ve had excellent teachers in New York.  Mia is quite the swordswoman.  Philip and Shieh have taught me martial arts.   My dance training comes in handy here.  They call me a living weapon.  I rather like that. 
   DV: I'm not surprised.  Do you have a significant other in your life?

    CM: With my omnivorous sexual nature it’s rather difficult to settle.  I get around.  A lot.  But there are two lovers who mean something more to me than a congenial shag.

    Mia is the earthly manifestation of Shakti in the form of Durga, and I’m her “tiger” servant.   Grrr…we do get a bit rough sometimes.  I do love a strong woman. 

    However, I must say that Lord Liu remains a powerful presence in my life.  You’ve got to love a Chinese warrior from the former Han Dynasty turned scholar turned Immortyl elder.  He’s deep.  And dare I say sexy? 

    DV: So, where do you go from here?  Anything last secrets to reveal?

    CM: I won't tell all.  I did that in My Fearful Symmetry.  They will just have to read my saucy tale.  With my new line of work, it’s hard to say where I go from here.  I’m on a secret mission at the moment.  So, I can’t say exactly what I’m about—or as you Yanks say—what I’m up to.  If I survive this mad quest, I hope to continue to aid Mia and Kurt in their mission to find a cure for this condition that makes us perish in the ultraviolet and addicted to blood.  

   You have promised some steamy tales of me with Lord Liu.  

   Of course, I will still be blogging and interviewing.  I can’t disappoint my darlings! 

   Leave me a comment and you'll be entered to win an e-copy of Servant of the Goddess! Deadline to enter is May 30th at 11:59 p.m. Winner to be chosen by random drawing.

  That's all for today my darlings.  I'll be updating with details of the blog tour soon.  

  Love and Dark Kisses,

  Cedric MacKinnon


Samira Fahley, Child of Lucan said...

My sweet'n'dark dancer,

how lovely to hear from ya again.
Of course, you'll never tell too much of your deepest secrets, but you still keep our fire burning with all the little tales and interviews.
Raawwwrrr... love it.

The lair is empty without your presence around, but i still decorate it every week with new flowers and candles.. and hope, you will feel welcome home again. ;)

Im sure, you will be done with the mad quest very soon and naturally very successful. *shows her evil smile* So you will find enough time for all other projects and mates around you. *smirks*

Miss ya much over here, but will be in NY very soon, so maybe we find a way for a rough sworddance, darling.

With dark kisses,
Samira Fahley

Denise Verrico said...
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Cedric MacKinnon said...

Samira, my darling, how lovely of you to stop by. I am very busy at present, but I think of you fondly. Remember, I like it rough.

Samira Fahley, Child of Lucan said...

Cedric, you always know, how to treat a child of the night right. *laughs evil* Im never too far away from ya and we'll be together again.
I know you like it rough and we will reach our limits once more. :K

With dark kisses,
Samira Fahley

Cedric MacKinnon said...

Too right!

bn100 said...

Very nice cover. I enjoyed the fun interview.


Marian Allen said...

I love the new picture of you, dear boy! I like that "watch out" look on your face. Is that a new tat on your arm? It looks fancier.

Best wishes in your new line of work. I've never met this Giulietta, but if she hurt my sweet little baby angel Cedric, I hope you cut her head off and stuff it with her heart.

Just sayin'.

Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Cedric MacKinnon said...

Marian, my dear, you are most welcome! The tats are my adept's mehndi. Very mystical stuff. Giulietta is a complete harpy!