Saturday, August 18, 2012

Steamy Excerpt from Sexy Cedric

Greetings my darlings!  Summer is the perfect time for wearing a little less and getting a bit steamy.  So, in view of this, I've posted a saucy tidbit from my latest adventure, Servant of the Goddess.  It's from my darling Mia's point of view.  I do hope you enjoy it.

In the shadow of the parking garage, Cedric turned to me, wearing
his infuriating half-smile. “But what about us?”
“There is no us,” I said.
His tone suggested torrid nights between the sheets.  “Something sacred happened
last night on the roof when our bodies touched.”
“I don’t need to tell you the effect you have on people.”
“You’re the earthly manifestation of my Goddess. I’m consecrated
to your service.”
“No, you’re my employee. I pay you for driving me places.”
“That’s not what you said up there. You said we were a team.
I seem to remember something about cutting our enemies into
bits so small that even cockroaches couldn’t find them.”
“I did say that.”
The weird green lights filled his eyes. “I’m your beast of burden,
your tiger mount.” His hands landed on my shoulders. “Tell
me you’re content to be Kurt’s consort.”
“I love Kurt.”
“I don’t doubt it—but he must yield to you as I have.”
That crazy-talking, sexy mouth strained toward mine. As
much as I wanted to kiss him, I pushed against his chest. He
backed me up against my black Mercedes. His body bent over
mine, the tips of his fangs grazing my carotid artery. Long fingers
traced my curves from top to bottom, awakening sensation
in every nerve. I melded against him, enjoying the feel of lean
muscle pressing against me.
Who exactly was yielding to whom?
I made a halfhearted attempt to pull away. “Quit. This is crazy.”
“Take my essence.”
It was maybe fifty degrees in that garage, but he stripped off
his shirt. I’ll admit that I panted when he revealed a torso smooth
and graceful as Grecian sculpture.
“I’ve been called here for a reason, Mia,” he insisted. “We
have great work to accomplish together.”
“Yes, we have a nightclub to open on October 31st. That gives
us five months. So let’s put the shirt back on and get to it.”
“We’ve got to consecrate our bond.”
“Do you hear how you’re talking?”
“You spoke to me in her voice up there.”
“It was just a trick my master taught me.”
A growling sound came from the adept’s throat. He hoisted
me up onto the hood of the Mercedes. His warm, wet mouth
worked its way down into the hollow of my breasts making a
travesty of what was left of my resistance.
“Cedric, this is kind of a tacky a venue for a consecrating act.
Don’t you agree? Maybe we should get a room or something.”
My protests didn’t deter him. Speaking became more difficult with
all the panting I was doing. “At least…let’s get inside the car.”
He raised his head. “We should do this naked under the
moon, but we can improvise.”
Lithe arms scooped under my thighs. I burrowed my face into
the hair falling over his shoulder, breathing in the pheromone.
His silken lips teased my throat. That was it. My back arched, and
my pelvis worked against his. I drove my fangs into the hollow
above his clavicle. He gave a sharp cry. My lips wrapped around
the wound, and a warm gush bubbled into my mouth. Bursts
of color and light filled my consciousness. Climax after climax
rocked my body.
Screams intruded on the ongoing wave of bliss, but they
weren’t from me.
Cedric pulled away and scanned the air. “Christ, what is that?”
I collapsed against his chest. “You’d better go see.”
Cursing, he set me down and took off in the direction the
sound, pulling on his shirt as he ran. I straightened my clothing
and sprinted after him, wiping his blood from the corner of
my mouth.

So do Mia and I ever fully consummate our sacred union?  Well, I'd be remiss in my duties as an adept if we did not, but to read all the yummy details, you'll just have to get the book.  I do hope you will.  I'd love for us to be more intimate friends.

Until next time,

Love and Dark Kisses,

Cedric MacKinnon


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