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Halloween Giveaways Galore!/Review of Tainted Blood by Katrina Michaels

Welcome!  We are just two days away from Halloween and all the giveaway drawings! If you haven't yet entered, at the end of this post will be links.  All you need do is comment on the posts, or enter the Rafflecopters.

Tonight, I'll be live at Edin Road Radio Halloween Spooktacular, talking about Annals of the Immortyls and Servant of the Goddess and doing a short reading.

Tomorrow, I have the author of The Romance of Dracula, Charles E. Butler, who will blog on the Comic Side of the Count.

A very big thanks to all those who came over to Bitten By Books yesterday, and welcome to those who just joined me from that event!  You can still enter and read the interview with Cedric.
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Tainted Blood by Katrina Michaels 

Tainted blood is the third in the Preternatural Investigation Agency series by Katrina Michaels.  The story finds Tom Duncan and his agents, preparing to celebrate Lilith’s Day, a day of celebration among vampires.  Holiday plans are upset by a slew of grisly, mysterious deaths, and the PIA is drawn into the investigation.  Finding a clear motive for what appears to be murder by poisoning is difficult, and a possible connection between vampire blood products and these deaths ignites conflict between humans and vampires. Meanwhile, a dangerous psychopath is on the loose and the stakes are rising.

Tainted Blood is a quick and enjoyable read for those who enjoy paranormal mysteries.  The old gang is back and there are lots of thrills, chills and surprises.  If you’re looking for a fun read for Halloween, with mystery, a colorful cast of supernatural characters and a healthy dose of mayhem, you should check out Tainted Blood.

The first two books in the series are Midnight Reflections and Dead Awakening.

You can enter to win a paperback copy of Tainted blood, by following the link below.  Don't forget to enter all nine giveaways!

Halloween Giveaway Links

Paperback, The Hallowed Ones Laura Bickle 

Paperback book from Katrina Michaels and ebook of Annals of the Immortyls: http://www.immortylrevolution.blogspot.com/2012/10/spotlight-on-tainted-blood-by-katrina.html

Ebooks by Vanessa Morgan: 

Ebook from Katie Salidas:

Ebook from Roy Hudson:

Two Paperbacks from A. J. Scudiere:

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