Monday, January 27, 2014

Paranormal Creatures A-Z

Greetings! Lots of news to share!  

I've been absent from the blog for some time, but I've been busy moving, taking on another job, working on revised editions of the Immortyl Revolution books, as well as completing an entirely new urban fantasy novel and other projects.  

Sadly, my former publisher, L&L Dreamspell, closed its doors after the tragic loss of one of the owners, Linda Houle.  After my rights reverted back to me, I started a search for another small press that would pick up the series. 

That being said, I have some exciting news to share.  

Crazy Duck Press has picked up the series and a new edition of My Fearful Symmetry will be available later this year, followed by Cara Mia, Twilight of the Gods and Servant of the Goddess.  
Since MFS can be read as a stand alone novel, we decided to go ahead and release it first, while I finish revisions on the prior two books in the series.  Cedric, of course, will not be silent, so I'm developing the next installment of the Immortyl saga, which will be called the Immortyl Assassin series. The books will be narrated by Naveen, a century-old child vampire, introduced in MFS, who becomes Cedric's sidekick. Look for a short tale that intros Cedric and Naveen's upcoming adventures in this year's Vampire News!

Last year, I made the decision to change the focus of this blog to mythological and folkloric topics rather than author interviews and promos. Also, Cedric was clamoring for his own saucy corner of cyberspace, so we launched Sexy Cedric.  

I had started a feature here, called Paranormal Creatures from A-Z, which relates to one of the PowerPoint presentations I do for libraries, schools and conventions. The series began with three posts on Angels and Angelic Beings.

Yes, I am crazy busy!  My apartment is still in an unfinished state, and the dust bunnies are growing larger than my grey parrot, but I'll be adding additional posts in the series in coming weeks.

Please stop back.  I promise I won't disappear again!

 Annals of the Immortyls

*Although the Immortyl Revolution novels are currently out of print, my short stories, Annals of the Imnmortyls, are still available.

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