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Fantasy Author Anne Marie Lutz

Today, I welcome Anne Marie Lutz back to Immortyl Revolution! She has agreed to share some insights into the main character of her novels.

AM: It’s great to have an opportunity to tell you about the main character in my fantasy novel, Color Mage, and its sequel, Sword of Jashan
Q:  What is his name?
AM:  His name is Lord Callo ran Alkirani. He is a man who struggles with a rare magical power -- a power that brings him the contempt of his friends even as it draws the attention of Kings and mages. He journeys to the enemy land of Ha'las with his manservant and the young healer, Kirian. There, he learns of his heritage -- and finds that great power is his birthright, but only if he sacrifices everything he has ever stood for.
Q:  When and where is his story set?
AM:  The novels are set in the fantasy world of Righar. This is a feudal land ruled by a King who magically Collars powerful mages to force them to use their magic to protect the land. In return for this magical servitude, the Collared Lords have unimaginable power, and they tend to use it without regard for the wishes of others. Here’s a link to a blog post I did a little while back about the Collared Lords of Righar.
Lord Callo is the illegitimate son of the King’s sister. He occupies a strange position – because of his rank he is nominally accepted, but his bastard status means he is scorned. He is used to seeing the turned back, hearing the whispers as he passes. His only true friends have been his manservant, Chiss, and his half-brother Lord Arias, who befriends him in spite of the disapproval of his peers.
Q:  What is the main conflict? 
AM:  Callo finds out who – or, should I say what? – his father is. And then finds out something unsettling about himself, something that sets even his half-brother against him.
Callo (and Healer Kirian) flee the country ahead of the anger of a powerful Collared Lord. When Callo discovers he has a power that corrupts everyone it touches, he wants to learn how to keep others – especially Kirian, whom he has come to care for – safe from his dangerous magic.
Q:  Can we read more about Callo and Kirian?
AM:  Yes! Color Mage – which I’ve talked about above -- is the first story of Callo and Kirian. It’s available from and It was published in September, 2012.
In Sword of Jashan, the walls Callo has maintained all his life to guard against his dangerous power are failing. Fighting with his own abilities, Callo still resolves to protect the young heir to the throne from the intrigues of the King. And Ander himself must decide whom to trust, as he becomes the target of an assassin. Sword of Jashan was published last fall and is also available from and

A very big thanks to Anne Marie for stopping by!
Anne Marie was part of the “Meet my Character” tour, which continues with two other speculative fiction writers discussing their main characters. Please check out their blogs – you may find something you’ll enjoy reading!
Marian Allen has been lying ... er, creating fiction for as long as she can remember. She has had work published online and in print, working mostly in speculative fiction and mystery, but with some mainstream, romance, and horror tossed in to keep things lively. She is a member of the Southern Indiana Writers Group and is one of three owners of a new micro-press, Per Bastet Publications.
You can read about her character beginning September 15 on her blog, here.
Tracy Lawson's New Adult dystopian thriller, Counteract, was released on August 6, 2014–which just also happens to be her birthday! The sequel, Resist, is slated for release in spring 2015, and she’s currently working on the third volume in the series. Tracy lives in Dallas with her husband, daughter, and three spoiled cats.

You can read about her character at her website, beginning September 15.

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