Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interview with author, Susan Hanniford Crowley

Today, I welcome Susan Hanniford Crowley to Immortyl Revolution.  Susan is on her Authors Supporting Authors Virtual Tour.

What age group is your work geared toward?

I write for adults. I have explicit sexual content in my books.

Into which genre would you say your work falls and why?

I write paranormal romance. Since I am a cross over author from science fiction and fantasy, the genre appealed to me as it allows me to write science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural with romance. 

 Tell us a little about your latest book.

THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS (which is part of the Vampires in Manhattan series) is about a woman who doesn’t realize she’s inherited Telkhine powers from her mother. Laura has a desperately horrible day which makes her question her existence. She ends up clinging to a railing on the Brooklyn Bridge. When she changes her mind, she falls into the river. Vampire David Hilliard has just asked God for mercy and to end his loneliness. He has a vision of her and plunges into the river to save her. Unfortunately, Laura is mortally injured and he has only one choice. David doesn’t know that to love a Telkhine brings doom upon them both and plunges them into a world of sorcery and voodoo. Will his love be enough to save them? Does Laura truly love him?

Available as an ebook at: http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thestormylovelifeoflauracordelais-374695-139.html
Also available in Kindle:

I’m awaiting news of the print release date.

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

I love David Hilliard, because he’s brave, patient, kind, and even though he’s over a hundred, he’s not opposed to learning new things. It doesn’t hurt that he’s great looking and has a weird sense of humor.

What other writers would you say have influenced your work and why? What are some of your favorite books in the genre?

My first editor in fantasy was Marion Zimmer Bradley, and her work as an author greatly influenced me. I found her work transporting as if I had walked through a door into another world. Now-a-days I’m influenced by a lot of the up and coming authors in paranormal romance like Bianca D’Arc, Stella and Audra Price, and a.c. Mason.

What is your writing process like? Do you do a lot of background research? Do you plot every detail or do you prefer the characters to move the story in new directions, or a combination of both? Do you belong to a critique group and do you find this helpful?

I dream a story. When I wake I write it down as fast as possible—sometimes only in an outline or grocery list format. Then I flesh it out more and I do tons of research to get details right. As for plotting, I let my characters move the story but I get all that in my dreams, for the most part. Sometimes I have to fix places that don’t quite work.

For THE STORMY LOVE LIFE OF LAURA CORDELAIS, I researched the Brooklyn Bridge, the East River, cemeteries in New Orleans, the different dialects spoken in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina timeline over Florida and New Orleans, the flooding pattern, the French Quarter, Voodoo, different forms of magic, the mythology of Rhodes (the legendary homes of the Telkhines) and obscure Greek Mythology.

I have belonged to critique groups in the past: Critters.org for science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers and Rom-Critters, which is a yahoo group for romance writers. I found them tremendously helpful when I was honing my craft. I belong to SFWA and RWA and also a local chapter of RWA. I love the local chapter meetings because they are highly educational and I’m always learning something new I can use.

 Do you have any advice for young or beginning writers?

Read everything in the genre you want to pursue as a writer. That way you’re not wasting time writing something someone else already has. Join a writers group for the education and a critique group to help with the process and get emotional support.

Who is your publisher?

My publisher is Tease Publishing LLC.  My other books (I also have WHEN LOVE SURVIVES and A VAMPIRE FOR CHRISTMAS in the Vampires in Manhattan series) are available at: All Romance Books

What is your website and/or blog where readers can learn more? Can they friend you on Facebook or other sites?

Readers can always find me at http://susanhannifordcrowley.com/
My romance blog: http://nightsofpassion.wordpress.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SHCrowley
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/people/Susan-Hanniford-Crowley/629298868
Absolutely friend me and ask to be in the Internet Book Party, that way you get all the news.

Are there any upcoming signings or appearances you’d like to mention?

My next ebook release will be VAMPIRE IN THE BASEMENT—tentative release date July 15.
I will be participating in the Authors After Dark Romance Unlimited Convention in Secaucus, New Jersey, September 16-19. There's still time to register. There will be tons of fun events, panels, workshops, parties, and giveaways. Here's the link:


For those that are attending Authors After Dark Romance Unlimited Convention, come up to me and say “I saw you on Immortal Revolution” and I will give you a small gift.

Susan, Thanks so much for joining me today!

Thank you for having me.

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Susan said...

I'm posting for Kristan.

I love the names of your characters and was wondering how you choose them...if it takes you a long time to find the right names or if you know right away.



Susan said...

Laura Cordelais and David Hilliard were the names I got in the dream with their story. Usually I change names if I know people with those names. I didn't, because I know several Davids and Lauras and these names fit the characters so perfectly and are not any of the people I know.

I got Regina's name in a dream, but Gregor was originally Ivan and I didn't want that as I felt it's an overused Russian name. I came across Grigori in Russian which means watchful and vigilant. I liked it but decided to Americanize it slightly to Gregor and not Greg. His pet name in the story is Gree which is perfect for his bear form as a shapeshifter.

Trevor Stenwood and Georgia Blake came in dreams.

When I don't get a name in a dream I go through phone books, baby name books, and baby name sites looking for the sound, any pet name, and how the couple's names sound together.

Thanks for asking, Kristan.

Gail said...

Susan, what amazing dreams you have! Mine are just weird.

What inspired you to begin writing? Was it just something you had to do or was there a turning point in your life that got you writing?

Susan said...

Thanks, Gail.

I started writing when I was 8. I had a teacher that passed out notebooks and we had to keep a daily journal. I loved doing it so much, I started writing down my dreams too.

Denise Verrico said...

I find mythology a great source of inspiration as well. Voodoo and vampires sounds like a neat mix to me. It's a pleasure to have you here, Susan!