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Interview with author, Louise Wise

Today, Louise Wise is visitng all the way from the U.K. on her virtual tour.  Please leave a comment to be entered for prizes through Authors Supporting Authors Virtual Tours. 


A tale of romance and survival as three people travel from 2236 to the beginning of time.

Jennifer Daykin joins the three-man crew to explore the newly discovered planet, Eden.

All was going well until Jenny found herself deserted…

She listened for an answering shout – there was nothing. In the distance, Jenny was transfixed with horror as the space shuttle rose into the blue sky of Eden.

‘No... Don’t leave me here!’

Only the pounding of her heart answered her.

…but not alone

The instant she hit the floor she curled into the foetal position. Finally, the bare feet walked away. A Native American warrior, had been her first thought, but it was his eyes that had alerted her he wasn’t an Indian or even human. They were completely black; black, dry orbs in a battered face.

Ordinary people with ordinary emotions, fears and insecurities.

Only this isn’t Earth, and he isn’t human.

A modern day Adam and Eve.

Welcome to Immortyl Revolution, Louise!  To what age group is Eden geared?

It was meant for adult but I’ve heard that some teens have been enjoying it.

Into which genre would you say your work falls and why?

Eden is a crossover romance to science fiction.

Tell us a little about your book.

Jenny Daykin is a woman very much of the future (2236), she is an astronaut who joins a three-manned crew to the world’s first trip outside the solar system to the planet Eden. Unfortunately, things go very wrong on entry and their shuttle is damaged. On landing, they discover a crashed UFO, which seems to have been there a long time; only it has a survivor. The crew panic and Jenny gets accidently left behind. She has to live an existence of a cave-dweller, except she has a very big, a very angry alien man to contend with. A love story with a HUGE difference.

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

The alien, Fly because his lifestyle had been so brutal and different compared to Jenny’s that he didn’t understand what was happening when he fell in love. He just didn’t recognize the emotion! Matt was a close second. He was my evil character-turned-nice, but I could really understand his reasoning beyond his badness.

What other writers would you say have influenced your work and why? What are some of your favorite books in the genre?

Others writers influenced my writing, but Eden was tailor-written, if you like, for me. I was going through a strong bad man phase when I thought up Fly. I don’t read science fiction – isn’t that awful to admit that? I like astronomy and am a little geeky looking through my telescope, but reading unpronounceable names do not appeal to me. And all the sci-fi I know have some kind of battle or war to win. I’m a romantic through and through. Saying all that though, I admit to reading Red Dwarf and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but that was for the comedy.

What is your writing process like? Do you do a lot of background research? Do you plot every detail or do you prefer the characters to move the story in new directions, or a combination of both? Do you belong to a critique group and do you find this helpful?

I do a lot of day-dreaming first to get a feel of the characters, then I put write about them, not necessarily to start the story. I always change the first and second chapter anyway. I have the plot in my head and know the basic ending but my books are very much character led. I research as I go. My writing is very muddled but it works for me. If I can’t get one chapter right, I move on to the next and come back to it. I usually have six or seven drafts before I deem it good enough to send to my editor.

I use as my critique group. They are very good.

Do you have any advice for young or beginning writers?

Enter writing competitions and join on-line writing forums. This is a really good one for beginners  Writer's Biz.  Grow a thick skin and be prepared for rejection from every angle.

Who is your publisher and where are your books available? Are there e-books and hard copies available?

The publisher is You can find an eBook of Eden on Obooko: and hard copies from any Internet store like Amazon,
Amazon U.K., Or buy a signed copy straight from me with paypal: or request it at a library if they haven’t already got it in.

What is your website and/or blog where readers can learn more? Can they friend you on Facebook or other sites?

You can follow me at: and

My next book A Proper Charlie will be out for Christmas.

Tell my readers about your background?

I’m married and live with my husband in Northampton (where the late Princess Diana was born), England. We have four boys, the youngest is six and the eldest is nineteen. We also have two cats and a rabbit with a personality disorder – he thinks he’s a cat also. Professionally I am an on-line editor as well as a writer. I do love editing (I think I’m alone?), I love seeing pieces come alive on the page just by changing the position of a comma.

Louise, thanks for joining me today and good luck on the tour! 

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