Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Stop on my Virtual Tour

New stop on my blog tour: Confessions of a Watery Tart.  This is a great blog.  Hart Johnson has a great sense of humor and her blog is a treat.  Please check it out.  I'm doing a book signing this week at the Pataskala Farmer's Market here in my own sleepy rural hamlet. 

Life has been incredibly hectic these days with hosting and touring, not to mention working and throwing a BBQ!  I have intentions of writing more about what I'm writing these days and about the craft itself.  I'm slowing down on the interviews come August and will try to devote more time to other subjects here.  There will still be reviews and giveways, but only twice a month or so.  With Twilight of the Gods coming out, I'll be stepping up the signings etc. 
Right now, I'm working with my editor, Cindy Davis on TOTG.  Fearful Symmetry is about 3/4 of the way through my crit group.  I'm so thrilled about this book.  It's fun to get into the POV of a male character.  I had to laugh the other day.  We have a new member in the group and he read a chapter of Fearful Symmetry without looking at the author's name and swore it was written by a gay man.  Hate to disappoint anyone who thought the contrary, but I'm actually a heterosexual woman.  However, my gay male friends have made me an honorary gay man for my healthy (and often vocal) appreciation of the male form.  Work still continues on Book Four, Ratopia.

I have a new paranormal novel in the works that is magic based rather than sci fi.  Although it has vampire characters, it's not a vampire novel.  The working title is Bad Moon Rising.  (Yes, taken from the CCR song).  The POV character is Marena Kazinski, a six foot tall prophetess who looks like Billy Idol and runs a daycare center for a church.  I takes place in rural  Ohio, which just happens to be the site of a brewing apocalypse.  Unlike Immortyl Revolution this book will feature a lot of paranormal creatures like elves, shifters, weres and wizards. 

Another project is a good-natured paranormal romance parody called, Betti Loves Yeti, about the forbidden love between a teenaged girl and a Sasquatch, set in the Pacific Northwest. 

I'm a busy girl and I have to go now and satisfy my muse.  He's very demanding.  Yes, my muse is male.  What else could he be?

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