Monday, June 28, 2010

Author Interview with Patti Hultstrand

I'm pleased to welcome Patti Hultstrand today!  Please leave a comment for Patti to be entered for prize drawings through Authors supporting Authors.

Patti, to what age group is your work geared?

I do not like to be left behind the door in romance stories. I like to see in the story what happens in the bedroom, so this is also how I write. I also write from multiple points of view because I want to know what these other characters think of my main character. Ok – so I am noisy and didn’t even know that I was. Or, at least, I want to know what’s going on in my mind, and I’m still the last one to know; at least where my characters are concerned.

Into which genre would you say your work falls and why?

The Time Chaser series are time-travel romances in that you can’t separate the romance from the story and be able to keep the story true to the idea. Parker must meet Tamea in order to find his other half and Tamea must meet Parker in order to fulfill her destiny and become a time chaser. This series is an epic romance where they are meant to be together for so many reasons, one being to save the world as they know it. Of course!

Tell us a little about your books.

In "Time Conquers All," Tamea, a nineteen-year old warrior princess from the India region of the world in the late 1500's, is being plagued by disturbing dreams and visions of the future. Tamea is assigned to protect a visiting king from a neighboring country while their two countries solidify a treaty that will benefit both countries. This king brings with him assassins that want to kill him and his family who are hiding a bigger secret regarding the origins of his country.

This king is not who he seems, and Tamea must unravel the intrigue that surrounds him and his country, but even more important, she must find out why he has been haunting her dreams and visions.

In book 2, "Rescue In Time" due to be released in June 2010, we find Tamea and Parker are connected by more than just their countries' alliances, but have a destiny to discern. Tamea continues to have the disturbing vision where Parker dies in her arms from a successful assassins bullet. She is subconsciously trying to solve the outcome to save his life in the future.

Meanwhile, in the 1500's, Tamea and Parker must take their countries to war with their neighboring country of Bengal who have been implicated as the mastermind behind the assassination attempts on both of their families' lives. Tamea must learn that not all those close to her can be trusted, maybe not even the man she loves.

Who is your favorite character in your books and why?

My favorite is Parker, of course, because when it comes to men, he is my ultimate hero. Yes, he has mental issues, but we find out why in the upcoming books in the series. You would think at first his mental problems were a direct issue from his Vietman years, but we find out there are more layers to Parker. You could say that peeling back the layers on Parker is an interest of mine.

I had written a short story with Parker and his author having a relationship outside of the book. I think all of us romance writers have this kind of weird relationship with our hero characters. Think about the whole movie premise of “Romancing the Stone” and tell me honestly, if you are a romance author, do we not try to find our “Jessie” character from our stories, in the real world somewhere?

What is your website and/or blog where readers can learn more? Can they friend you on Facebook or other sites?

Readers may find me at:!/pj.hultstrand

Are there any upcoming events that you’d like to mention?

I'm actually working on designing a brand new magazine out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so will probably not be in the public much for a month or two. I can be found at the CopperCon convention in Mesa, Arizona over Labor Day weekend. We will be in the dealer’s room, as well as speaking in a group of panels and sponsoring a workshop over that weekend. We will also be doing a book signing party that weekend as well.

My favorite personal anecdote right now is:

I don't think dogs care why they walked into a room - they only know if they're happy to be there or not. A tiger would know why it's there.

Great quote, Patti!  Thanks for being my guest and good luck on your tour!


Denise Verrico said...
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Denise Verrico said...

Patti, thanks for being my guest. Your books sound very interesting. I'm a sucker for time travel stories and I'm fascinated by Indian culture. My third novel in the Immortyl revolution series is set in India.

Az Publishing Services, LLC said...

Since your characters are immortal, I would have to ask what century in India is your 3rd book?

When it comes to time-travel and history, I always say you must REALLY know your history in order to know where and in the case of time-travel, when you can mess it up. And, still make it plausible, of course.

Time-travel is humanities next frontier, along with colonizing the moon. Wishful thinking? Not really. I think it will all come to pass, just maybe not in my time, so to speak.

Gotta love the possibilities though!

Thanks so much for having me Denise. I read my answers this morning and even with only three hours of sleep, I could tell I wrote the answers when my mind was all over the map. Sorry about that. But, then it goes to show reader's just where my mind can go. Scary thing that. But, it would have been helpful to you, I'm sure, if I had actually answered your questions. I found a way around them apparently.

PJ Hultstrand

Denise Verrico said...

My third book is set in 2000-2001, but the Immortyl Culture is very old and started in India.