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Amber Scott on Vampires and Blood Addiction/Giveway

Welcome to Amber Scott! 

Amber is on the Romancing Your Darkside Tour.  She is going to tell us about Vampires and Blood Addiction, a subject near and dear to my heart. Please leave a comment for Amber to be entered for an ebook giveaway and to also be entered into a drawing for the RYDS tour grand prize of a new Kindle! Make sure to leave an email so Amber may contact you.  Winners will be chosen by random drawing.  Contest ends 11:59 PM EDT 09/15/11.

Blood is a Drug...

In Fierce Dawn and the ParaRealm series, human blood is a drug and vampires are addicted to it. This and the risk of certain immortal beings exploiting humankind is what triggered the separation of realms centuries past.

But like any good addict, vampires find their way over realm lines. (Sneaky blood junkies that they are.) Blood dens pop up here and there throughout history and there are ugly rumors of vampires and humans falling into an addictive exchange where the human is willing to give blood for the high they get, too.

Blood use causes extreme sensitivity to sunlight, to the point of severe burning. A vampire heavy into blood use is known to have ‘kits’ in the form of fangs.

The question I get a lot about all this is, how did the idea form?

I love vampires so much that I even studied vampire literature in college. I’m an avid reader of vampire novels. I love vampire films. And I’ve always seen vampirism as blood addiction. A lot of vampire elements strike true of addiction. The inability to see themselves in the mirror means denial to me. The seductive effects a vampire has on a virgin equates to the manipulative powers an addict will learn in order to exploit those who don’t know about their addiction, thus are drug virgins. Vampires only come out at night, they are dead but not.

Think of a heroin addict, a meth addict. They hide from the world until they need their fix and then they would do nearly anything to get it. Lie, manipulate, steal. They look like hell, literally undead, and they are shells of their former selves. Drugs rule their lives much like blood rules a vampire’s. Even the super strength we see in vampire mythos can be equated to drugs like steroids and PCP.

The thing is, if vampires are real, why not shifters and fae and all the other myriad of beings that appear throughout our various cultures. I don’t feel like I created immortals as my jump off point for this so much as that’s what they called themselves. But it makes deep sense to me. I even have scientific theories in my head to support the rules of this world. (Geek that I am.)

In “Fierce Dawn,” we see the peripheral effects of vampirism. Elijah is a former vampire hunter. Lyric is in recovery from his addiction. Sadie, one of the first human changelings, becomes their focus. But as the series proceeds and the changeling effect takes hold of more and more humans, vampirism will become a central issue.

The tug and pull of blood use, its seductive power, just like you, I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds, book by addictive book.

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Denise Verrico said...

Amber, thanks for being my guest! What an interesting post. I also see the vampire's thirst for blood as like an addiction, and I like that you have scientific theories on how this works. I'm a big geek too. My series deals with the biological aspects of vampirism. I'm very interested in reading your book.

Melanie said...

It must have been really interesting to study vampire literature in college. :)

Great post!


Scorpio1974 said...

Hello and thanks for this great giveaway opportunity!! =) This book sounds really good!

Valerie Long

Amber Scott Books said...

Thanks so much for having me, Denise!
@Melanie, It was the best class ever.
@Valerie, Thank you for commenting!