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Meet my Character Blog Tour: Interview with Cedric MacKinnon

Welcome to Immortyl Revolution!  

I’d like to thank Laurel Anne Hill for inviting me to take part in this MEET MY CHARACTER BLOG TOUR.  Please visit Laurel’s blog and read an interview with her character Juanita and learn about her books.

I've recently signed with a new publisher, Crazy Duck Press, and we’re about to bring out a revised edition of my urban fantasy novel, My Fearful Symmetry, the story of a rather unconventional Scottish vampire named Cedric MacKinnon. 

My Fearful Symmetry is part of the Immortyl Revolution series, which can be read as a stand-alone novel. The rest of the books in the series will be issued within the next year. 

Since Cedric is running a little late (he loves to make a dramatic entrance), I’ll set the stage for him.

Imagine a remote palace in India, where life in the present day continues much as it did thousands of years in the past.  Here, the Chief Elder of the Immortyls holds the power of life and death over his subjects.

In a secluded section of the palace, we find a spiritual retreat, an ashram, where devidasi, servants of the goddess Kali perform their devotions.  At the center is a courtyard, surrounded by lush gardens, where a sacred spring bubbles. Over this stands the many-armed image of Kali Ma. 

A tall young male Immortyl enters the courtyard.  With his milky skin, long auburn hair and green eyes, he’s an unlikely inhabitant of this exotic location. A wicked grin inches up the left side of his face. His saunter suggests a tiger’s deadly grace.

CEDRIC: My dear authoress, what brings you here at this hour?

DENISE: Some people would like to meet you.

CEDRIC: (Executes a flawless bow) Always a pleasure.
DENISE: So Cedric, I’d like you to tell the readers a little about yourself—and do try to behave. If you’re a good boy, I'll write some new adventures for you.

CEDRIC: (He sinks into the Lotus Position) Promise? I'd like that.

DENISE: First off, they’re probably wondering how a boy from Scotland ended up a vampire in India?

CEDRIC: My dear authoress, you know we don’t care for the V word. We are Immortyls, semi-divine children of Mother Kali.

DENISE: You don’t believe that.

CEDRIC: I’m not as skeptical as I once was.

DENISE: Why is that?

CEDRIC:  (Nods toward the statue) It seems Kali Ma has plans for me.  Why would this ginger-haired Scot end up in the Chief Elder’s court at the moment revolution threatened to tear it all down?
Look where I came from; I was nobody. 

My parents died when I was little. I grew up in a children’s home and ran away to London when I was fifteen with dreams of becoming a rock star—needless to say, not a great idea. I ended up on the streets and made my living selling the only thing I could. 

To make a long story short, rent boys in London have a 33% HIV infection rate, and I became a statistic. I turned to playing my guitar in the underground to supplement what I got from the government. One night I encountered this lovely Indian man—or so I thought. Rakesh made me the man I am today, that is to say, an Immortyl.  

DENISE: You have an unusual occupation.  Elaborate on that.

CEDRIC: I’m an adept of the ancient arts, an Immortyl temple artist in service to Kali Ma.  We dance and sing to her glory.

DENISE: But there’s a bit more to it, isn’t there?

CEDRIC: (His eyebrow rises) Indeed. Adepts are employed as courtesans in political intrigues by the Chief Elder of the Immortyls.  The Chief needed me to smooth things over with elders of the Grand Council, to curry favor, so to speak.

DENISE: Any elder in particular?

CEDRIC: (Satisfied smile) Lord Liu. Of all of them, he knows how to treat a lad right. Liu Li Cheng is a true gentleman.  As for the rest of that lot, I’d cheerfully cut their throats, given the chance.
The job is a total drag—except for the singing and dancing bit. No one does a blues riff on a sitar like me. Music is my true passion. I play the guitar as well as Indian instruments. My prized possession is a vintage Stratocaster. I love all kinds of rock music, especially that of David Bowie.

DENISE: You do love the flamboyant.

CEDRIC: (Chuckles) Despite my vows, flashy clothes, fast cars and the latest electronic gadgets are my weakness—and beautiful lovers, male and female.

DENISE: Ah, you mentioned Lord Liu, but is there also a special woman?

CEDRIC: My guru, Sandhya. She’s the senior adept.  Until I knew her, I was a selfish, little tart. She showed me that I’m more than just a pretty face and taught me so many things…

DENISE: Any last secrets to reveal?

CEDRIC: (Shakes his head.) They will just have to read my tale when it comes out and learn all.

If the nice boys and girls leave me a saucy comment and a contact email, the authoress will draw a name for a free ebook of Annals of the Immorytls. There’s a short in there, featuring yours truly. You can read another of my adventures in Vampire News. And don’t forget to check out my blog, darlings. You can also chat with me @cedricmackinnon on Twitter or at my Facebook page

DENISE: Yes, I did indeed create a monster. 

Thanks for stopping by! Next week, 9/8/14, the tour continues with Anne Marie Lutz, Brian McKinley and Danielle DeVor. 

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Please give them a look and learn more about their books. 


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Thank you Denise and Cedric for joining the "Meet My Character" Blog Tour.